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Bookmarks:  You may create hyperlinks which jump to places on the same page, called Bookmarks, as we've done on this page.  First, create the places that you will jump to. Go to Insert/ Bookmark, then type a one-word description of the section you are jumping to.  Then, create the hyperlink that will jump to that bookmark. Begin like any other hyperlink, but use the drop-down bookmark menu to select the bookmark you will jump to. 

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Need Help?

1. How to I receive and install my template package?
2. Where do I find more information on Style Sheets?
3. How do I add or apply a "class" to a section of my page?
4. How can I insert my own images and graphics?
5. What do I need to publish a site?
6. Who needs server extensions?
7. How about more bells and whistles?
8. Where can I get more help?

How do I receive and install my template package?

You will directed to a temporary page which contains instructions and a download file.  We recommend that you read all instructions, print the page for future reference, and save the file to a location on your hard drive. Complete instructions are included on the page.  (Back to Top)

Where do I find more information on Style Sheets?

You will find that FrontPage is well adapted to working with cascading style sheets. Click on FrontPage Help and type in the keywords Style Sheet.  You can also find lots of online information by typing in CSS tutorials into any search engine.  If you need some help in the right direction, just send us an email.  (Back to Top)

How do I add or apply a "Class" to a section of my new page?

The style sheet we include is designed to run quietly in the background similar to the theme.  If, however, you wish to apply a special class to a table cell or to a block of text, simply highlight it and select the style you want from the drop down list.  This list normally sits to the left of the "Font" and "Size" boxes near the top left of your screen.  If you wish to create a new class, open the style sheet by double-clicking on the css page in the folder view.  If you need some help, just let us know and we will answer your questions.  (Back to Top)

How can I insert my own images and graphics?

Any images that you create outside of FrontPage should be saved in gif or jpeg format and then imported into the images folder of your web.  If you create images within FrontPage such as from the Clip Gallery, save the page.  You will be prompted to save the images.  In the dialog box, you specify the folder to which to save the images.  (Back to Top)

What do I need to publish a site?

Since all web sites have a unique name, you will need a "domain name" which you can purchase by the year.  Next you will need a "web host" who supports the FrontPage server extensions.  You can normally buy server space by the month or by the year.  Some companies even offer free web hosting.  Once those are complete, you can publish your FrontPage web to its new home.  (Back to Top)

Who needs server extensions?

Actually, FrontPage will work quite well without the server extensions.  But in order to use the "publish" feature and any item found within the "components" list such as Table of Contents, Forms, Hit Counter, etc., server extensions are necessary.  If you are using FrontPage, it just makes sense to take advantage of all it has to offer and find a web host who offers and supports these server extensions.  (Back to Top)

Where can I get more help?

First, take advantage of the FrontPage help files.  They contain information on how to perform most of the tasks available within FrontPage.  Second, buy a book on your FrontPage version. Third, join a FrontPage users group such as those that can be found at Yahoo groups. And last, be sure to check our Help Center(Back to Top)