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Why Use Style Sheets?  CSS is simple to understand and allows you greater control over how your pages look. Your pages will also load faster because there is no need for redundant HTML code.  This template comes with its own style sheet developed specially for it. Easy to see, easy to modify, and without conflicts.

From extra images to plenty of help information, we include the features most asked for when designing our products.

If you have a question about the suitability of any of our template packages, please contact us for any additional information you need.

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Round the Bend Wizards



Important information!

This template package uses three levels of navigation.  You can see each navigation level by clicking on the Navigation view icon from within FrontPage.

  • The "global" level (all pages that are on the same level as the index or home page) is contained directly under the "Your Name Here" image.
  • Parent level navigation consists of all of the pages under the home page and are directly under the global level navigation link bar.
  • Child level pages are those pages which are linked to any parent level page.  Those pages (when applicable) are shown in left sidebar area.

If any of your pages show text like this -- [Edit the properties for this link bar to display hyperlinks here] -- you will need to right-click on the text and select a different navigation level.

Template Colors:

Each of our template packages uses a unique combination of colors as well as a distinctive font.  We list the hex-codes for your convenience on every template package:

#95A2CE #B9C4E4 #EFBE00

Title Font:  Abbess (Available on request)
Text Font:  Verdana

"Your Name Here" Image:

If you order one our templates from our regular catalog, we will gladly modify the "Your Name Here" image to include your site name and slogan for free within 30 days of your purchase.

In this free template set, you will find a blank image (logoblank.gif) which you can use to add your own special text.  If you wish, you can use a standard web font in the top area and delete the image.  You can then set the font size and color.  The mainimage.gif image (top left) is provided without the sample text. 

Template Information:

This web template is full of helpful information. Here is a listing of some of our major topics that are included in this template:

  • About Templates

  • Adding Images

  • Add New Pages

  • Bookmarks

  • Change Layout

  • Common FAQs

  • Deleting Pages

  • Hot Topic Boxes

  • Inserting a Bulleted List

  • Style Sheets

  • License Agreement

  • Meta Tags

  • Page Templates

  • Renaming Pages

  • Saving Files

  • Search Engine Information

  • What's Included in the Template

  • Where to Start

  • Your Logo

  • "Your Name Here" Image