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Extra Pages:  This web template includes additional pages that may fall into your Company Info section: News, Legal Statements, and Policies.  If you feel you do not need all of these pages, you may delete them as needed.

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Protect Your Visitors

Let your visitors and customer know how you value and protect their privacy.  This is also a good area to let your visitors know of your refund policy, etc.

Search Engines:

When you publish your web site, you will want to get it listed in the major search engines and directories.  Our templates are "meta tag ready".  To add your own unique page description and keyword content, right click on the page and select Page Properties.  In the window that appears, click on the Custom tab.  Under "user variables", locate the description item and then click the modify button.  Add your own page description.  Next click on the keyword item, click the modify button, and add your keywords and phrases.

Saving Files

When you save files, you want to be sure of two things:

Change the Page Title.  It is the title that is displayed on your banners, buttons, and the browser window title bar.  You can change the page title in the Navigation View or by right-clicking on the open page and selecting Page Properties.  Insert the new title in the appropriate area.

The "File Name" should end with .htm or .html, and should have no spaces or some special characters (like slashes). If you want to have space between words use the underscore (_) in place of the space. You should also use only lowercase letters. Use these same rules when you are creating new folders...i.e. if you create a folder for extra images you should rename it to extra_images not Extra Images.