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Suzi Quatro

Suzi Quatro is an American singer/songwriter/bass guitarist who was most famous in the mid 70's. Dressed from head to toe in leather, Suzi was one of the first women to come on to the hard driving rock and roll scene.

Susan Kay Quatro was born on 3rd June 1950 in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. She made her musical debut at 8 playing bongos in her father, Art Quatro's jazz band. After leaving school at 14,Suzi teamed up with her sisters; Patti, Nancy and Arlene, forming 'Suzi And The Pleasure Seekers'. After being spotted by the British record producer, Mickie Most, she was signed to his RAK label. So, Suzi then came to England to work on an album.

The first single to be released was rolling stone which failed to make any big impression. Then came the second, Can The Can which went straight to number 1 in the UK charts and stayed in the top 30 for over 3 months.Success for Suzi continued through the 1970 with the hits Devil Gate Drive and 48 crash.

By the 80's success was harder to come by as there were more and more female rockers to compete with so Suzi had an attempt at an acting career playing Annie in the UK revival of 'Annie Get Your Gun'.

In recent years she has come back to the music business although none of her albums have achieved chart success. A great shame for a woman who has done so much for rock n roll and showed the world that women can do heavy rock just as good (in my opinion ALOT better)than men can.


* Is a Gemini

* Commenting on the 1970s she said: "My feet never touched the ground. Lots of good groups with crazy and unique images. It was wild. I spent all of my time doing gigs, TV appearances, interviews, or recording. I could write a book -- and probably will."

* Was reportedly asked to audition for the part of "Happy Days" (1974)'s "Leather Tuscadero" after one of the show's producers saw her picture on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine hanging the wall of his daughter's bedroom.

* Once said: I was the first rock'n'roll successful female who led a band of men and seriously played an instrument. It hasn't been done since. Girl power isn't about having sex whenever you feel like it and talking about it. It's not about being butch either. I always say I had my legs apart on stage, but at night they were firmly closed.

* Height: 5' (1.52 m)