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Siouxsie Sioux

Siouxsie Sioux is the frontwoman for the legendary punk band, Siouxsie And The Banshees. From the late 1970s to the 80s she has amazed us with her eccentric and stunning outfits and her BIG contribution to punk. Siouxsie's image has made a big impact, making her stand out from the others, definetley being one of my favourites.

Janet Susan Baliion was born on 27th may 1957 in London, England, the youngest of three children. Elizabeth Betty, her mother, did not have any front teeth because her father's brother had gone crazy one night, punching her in the face. Siouxsie's father, who was an alcohlic, died when she was only 14.

After waitressing, Siouxsie joined goth-punk band Siouxsie and the Banshees alongside Steve Severin, John McKay and Kenny Morris. Siouxsie's image flirted with Nazi imagery highlighted by heavy black make-up.

In 1978, Siouxsie and the Banshees were signed to Polydor records and released their first single; hong kong garden. This was quite successful, reaching the top 10. Morris and Mckay left during a promotional tour and were replaced by Budgie, who married Siouxsie in 1991. The band continued to do well over the next few years, releasing songs such as; Happy House and Christine. Following the success they went on a world tour.

Their next album, Juju was released and Siouxsie and Budgie formed a new band, The Creatures in 1983. Siouxsie and the banshees reconvened to do A Kiss In The Dreamhouse and Dear Prudence, their biggest Uk hit, reaching number 3 in the charts.

Releasing regular albums throughout the mid-80s showed that the band had a loyal cult.

Siouxsie and Budgie continued as The Creatures but the banshees re-formed in 2002 to play a series of concerts.


* Presented the scissor sisters with an award at this year's brits (left).

* Was only ranked #96 on VH1's 100 Greatest Women of Rock N Roll.

* Sings on the Basement Jaxx track "Cish Cash".


* I hate the industry even more now, no bands get nurtured anymore. Labels only spend money promoting acts they know will be Top Ten. I find it offensive spending $2 million on a video.

* I've never been anti-sex or anti-sexuality. I'm just anti-hypocrisy.

* You can't take anything like that seriously. I mean, sex is pretty hilarious anyway.