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Dear Prudence: Three Decades Of Siouxsies, Stevies and Shirleys

Welcome to Dear Prudence: Three Decades Of Siouxsies, Stevies and Shirleys.This is my tribute to the queens of Punk, Rock and New Wave. Obviously not all the people featured on this site are called Siouxsie, Stevie or Shirley, i just thought that was a good title. These are the women that have really changed music forever, brought us excellent songs and showed the world than women are just as good, if not better than men at Rock n Roll. Who are these amazing people and what exactly did they do???? Click below to find out..... ( BY THE WAY, IF YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS ABOUT WHO I CAN ADD EMAIL ME AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE)

What's on this site??

Siouxsie Sioux!!
Siouxsie Pictures!!
Stevie Nicks!!
Stevie Pictures!!
Juliette Lewis!!
Juliette Pictures!!
Suzi Quatro!!
Suzi Pictures!!
Chrissie Hynde!!
Chrissie Pictures!!
Courtney Love!!
Courtney Pictures!!
Bonnie Tyler!!
Bonnie Pictures!!
Joan Jett!!
Joan Pictures!!
Pat Benatar!!
Pat Pictures!!
Other Punk/Rock Queens!!
Cyndi Pictures!!
More Rock Queens!!
Desktop Wallpapers!!