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Bonnie Tyler

Bonnie Tyler is a welsh solo artist (unlike most of the others)who is best known for her strong husky voice and number 1 hit, Total Eclipse of the Heart.

Gaynor Hopkins (yes, that is her real name) was born on june 8th 1951 in Skewen, South Wales to a large working class family with six children. Her father was a miner and her mother was a big opera fan who shared her love of music with the children.

In her teens Bonnie sang with groups called Bobby Wayne And The Dixies and Imagination. During this time she used several stage names before settling on Bonnie Tyler.

In 1975 she was signed to RCA Records where she recorded her first song; My Honeycomb which failed to enter the charts. The second single to be released was Lost in France, showing the potential of her voice, made the UK top 10 and was even more successful in the rest of europe. Bonnie then toured europe following the release of her album, The World Starts Tonight in 1977. After this, she had an operation to remove nodules on her vocal chords. Bonnie was instructed not to speak and of course, she did. So gave her the husky voice that made Bonnie believe her singing career was over. However, this was not the case. Her next single, It's a Heartache entered the top 5 in britain, europe and the U.S. This led to her first American tour.

The album, Faster than the speed of night was released in 1982 featuring worldwide No.1 Total Eclipse of the Heart.In 1984 Bonnie did a stunning performance at the Academy Award Show, the same year she was nominated for Best Female Rock Vocalist at the Grammys.

Today Bonnie is still performing and making albums and should be releasing a new one this year called Wings.


* Won her first talent competition at the age of 17 singing a Mary Hopkins song.

* Is friends with Catherine Zeta Jones-Douglas and attended her wedding to Michael Douglas.

* Total Eclipse of the Heart was used for the opening death scene in Urban Legend.

* Her 1984 hit, Holding out for a hero was on the Footloose soundtrack.

* In the film Old School a fictional band called The Dan Band do a dramatic cover of Total Eclipse of the Heart. Humorously, the lead singer surreptitiously interjects the word fucking into the lyrics.