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Alive at 25 I keep sleeping and I can't stop dreaming about the life I'm living, in a world that keeps bleeding. The truth keeps breathing although it's suffocating as I keep on repressing and regressing. Coalescing into an embryo, gotta get me out of your stereo, gotta free me from the demons in my head that won't let me go. My mind's imploding, my heart is breaking. My body's burning like a soul that's been yearning. Ooooh, don't you wanna fall dead on the floor 'coz I can actually see myself wanting, asking for more. Ooooh, so addicted, oh God, I'm convicted. Can't stop craving for love no matter how unrequited. I am the song of your tears, the smile of all your fears. I am the pain that's brought you all through the years. Feed me with days when nobody knows my name 'coz this is my nature and this is my game. Now, the silence doesn't seem so lonely 'coz I can feel it calling, slowly holding me. It's about time I take away the secret 'coz this is the way it's got to be. The clouds in my eyes are black with nightmares and lies. So heavy, that I can't stop the rain from falling. A million sorrows keep bathing me every morning just to cleanse me of the tears I keep crying. Seas of (these) memories keep flowing, rivers of desire keep rushing. Whenever I'm thinking of you, can't stop the pleasure from rising. Fantasizing, I can see the horizon coming. Is this the end to my ending or the intro to my beginning. Gotta get me through this. As death becomes my bliss. I feel a creeping weakness. As death becomes my bliss.

Nika's Blues Boy I gotta tell you. Can't stop thinking about your love. The feel of your fingers through my hair. Oooh, the way you touch me there. Can't seem to think about you enough. Boy I gotta tell you. I need you tonight to make my day. I need to feel your supple lips and wrap my legs around your hips (the microphone stand haha). You gotta let me have my way. Boy I gotta tell you. Your love just makes me high. So please just come around my place 'coz I got a date with outer space. Baby just take me to paradise.

Blue Soul The cascading sounds of my blue soul fall into an endless dance of emotions with wave after wave of evanescent dreams and hazy impressions of peace. As the night begins to embrace me from within, fills the air with presence of sorrows. And tears that fall not of pain but of beauty yet they fall nonetheless. While silhouettes and shadows make passionate love across the midnight of my loneliness, I can't stop thinking of you. Threading space and time with songs and whispers of soft caresses, I can't stop thinking of you. My body is in withdrawal from the sensations that you feed unto me. I'm drowning in the nearness of you. Don't even try to save me. Your eyes that possess, your lips at their best strike the flesh in every way. Can't get enough of what you do to me. It's crazy yet absolutely rational. So irrational passions for me to keep, constantly invading me in my sleep. You're sweet and delish, cunning and selfish; confusing, mind-boggling and crazed. Oh how I wish you'd come my way. And make reality this daydream I made. Allow me to show you the love inside; allow me to tantalize.

La Bossa Italiana I dreamt of you last night with that pigeon of a thirty-five. My scruffy pillow by my side, the melancholy feed of my mind. I dreamt of you today, staring at a clock in a sea of questions. My scruffy pillow by my side, with wondering thoughts that we share. Buona sera, come sta? Che venuta? Temo che sia tarde. Per favore, mi vedi. Mi mirato per ti il bambino - lo bello ragazzo. I'll dream of my pillow tonight, with that pigeon of a thirty-five. Lo bello ragazzo by my side. Lo faccio io, hug him tight.

Diwata ng Dilim Pilit 'pinipikit itong panaginip. 'Di makatulog, 'di magising, 'di makaisip. Mga luha'y umaagos kasabay ng gabi. Tinitikman, iniinom ang aking mga labi. Sumikat ang buwan ng 'niluwal ko ang langit na nagluluksa. At ang una mong bangungot ay noong hinagkan kita. Mga mata ko'y bituing itim sa gitna ng kalawakan. At ang aking sinumpang dugo ay ilog ng kasalanan. Bihag ko ang puso mo sa tuwing bumabagsak ang takipsilim. Isip mo'y palasyo ko at sa akin ay wala ka nang lihim. Takot lang ang kaibigan mo. 'Pagkat ako ang diwata ng dilim.

Living Room Canvas My mind is throbbing in the midst of maroon. Drunk with depression, shots after shots of oblivion. In a black Versace and Louis Vuitton skins. Draw the words from my mouth, my shrieks are futile. You won't hear me from behind a glass. You couldn't have been more blatant. A canvas of your skin. A tragic living room theme. The audience wasn't watching. A canvas of my sin. Johnny take me back when you could still see. The affection I've hidden, free of all but procrastination. For a moment I will not conceal, until reality slaps me. If even for just a dream, if even for just a dream

Closure No regrets, 'coz I'm doing this for myself. Now I'm letting you go, even if you were never mine to hold. So I have to say, "This ends today". 'Coz I gotta stop crying, I gotta start living. Although I have to say you're the best mistake that I ever made. So I'm leaving this situation. Thank you for the sensations.

Hello Digital World Natulala nung una pa lang nakita. Natunaw sa ganda ng iyong mga mata. Kinikilig sa iyong tinig. Natutuwa sa iyong hagikhik. Ibaba mo na lang ang telepono, para naman sa diskarte ko. Sino ba yang kausap mo? Sino ba yang sinuswerte sa iyo. Hindi ako. Sana ako. 'Di ko alam kung paano malalampasan itong kabaliwan. Nalalasing sa titig ng iyong mga mata. Nalulunod sa iyong salita. Ooooohh, oohh baliw sa iyo! Nakukuntento sa pagtitig sa iyo habang may kausap ka sa telepono. Panonoorin na lang kita at ang iyong mga mata. Basta't nandiyan ka, nandiyan ka. Pero hindi! Hindi! Ano ba ang iyong kiliti? Sino ba yang kausap mo? Sino ba yang sinuswerte sa iyo? Sana kuya mo. Sana pinsan mo.