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Surface So this is how you mend on cold intricate floors, a lovely way you sow all the slits inside you, a cold surface a little dangerous a free fall in a cold onsen. The ordinary things don't matter to you no more. A high to reach through me when you stalk in silence. So this is how you mend.

Boomerang I can make you want me each time I make you taste me, looks like you're going down girl. But each time I make you taste it, I know you can't fake it. Damn! The way that you scream girl. Sometimes it makes me wonder, when I know that I'm not playing 'round, feels like I'm sinking into you. I didn't want to make you love me, I just wanted to drive you crazy, its just you're so bad baby. Cause each time, You make me feel it, You know I can't fake it. Damn! I'm going down girl. Maybe it's time for me to go. I don't wanna hurt no more.

Someday Drawing a backwards world songs believed inside her mind, someday you'll see like they do, we love the world they show it makes us all glow no chance to speak the truth no choice but to fall through.

Slip It doesn't matter what we did, It doesn't matter how hard we tried, each time that we believed we made it end, each time that we believed we pushed away. Now I feel so lost everytime I look around me you are gone. It doesn't matter what you do, it doesn't matter what you say cause each time you'll come around i'll push away and now you'll feel so lost everytime you're looking for me I'll be gone.

Backbone People always talking nothing left to say words are kept and broken seems like its okay. Standing on a broken platform see now how I'm doing, Standing on a broken backbone for you. Cover me with kisses poison tongues in my mouth lately I've been thinking how to sing and play. Slow down rest a minute I can't see that straight I find quite misleading things they love to say.

Set It Softly speak the answers seeping in to me, enough to lose control enough to stop the thinking enough to lose it all enough for just one meaning the word that makes me crawl the vision of you bleeding did you fall? did you call for me? Walking slow beside you wearing thin in the rain. It's not too late. Tried to find the answer, the answer was in you.

Moving Sleeping, waking, time seems like its trying to drown me, Moving, driving awake I've done this before. Soothing, haunting, the memory of you turns to poison, needing, wanting some more can you give me that? I can't believe you're gone so soon cause I can't seem to understand. Why am I always the one moving on? Forzen, empty the shell of flesh and mind is cracking. Solice, redeption is all that I ask from you. A sense of affirmation, an answer to my questions, what is it really about me that makes you turn away?

Daliri Marami ang nagsabi, daliri mo'y may labi, Kung minsan sinasabi, ang hawak mo ay sungkit, ang init ng iyong kapit, tuloy tuloy ang higpit, nawawala ang alaala, nawawala ang sakit. Di mo na maalala kung saan ka pupunta, Di mo na makilala ang iyong. Kung minsan may nagsabi, ang puso mo ay itim, halik ng buwan sa hangin, sabik sa mga salarin, saan ka hahanapin? kailan ako titikim. Nawawala ang alaala nawawala ang sakit. Bastusan na!

Twilight Last night I saw you lying there legs spread slicing through the air, Now i see you no more mask different faces spinning fast. The virtuous so cold the virtuous are falling down on me. This night I see you standing there pretending like I'm not there. Never meant to be this way, never want to be ashamed, the virtuous are crashing down on me.

Bracelet When I wake up in the morning I take a look and I find this circle of hope a symbol of my desire it makes me want to cry because you said to me your love was true when I said it first to another. When we went out last night I told you that things were alright. Didn't you know I was lying. It's the way that you stare and it's the way that you fair that makes me want to groove with you cause It's just my desire that makes me a liar oh I am such a fool. It's just your desire It's just our desires Now aren't we all the fools?

Drizzle Stolen walls broken lines plastic soul is mine. You're on your own now not looking back I think it's time that we find ourselves. Tried to reach drowning spilling out of me

My Dear You say that you're hurting I know the cure I see that you're crying stop I'm here. I'm expecting company so won't you come with me I'm expecting company so won't you be with me. You think I'm misleading I'll guide the way You think that I'm creeping I'm playing it straight. Hey you quit your playing don't you know we'll be together before the night is through. I'll be here waiting at the corner just for you to come and ask me to get through my door. Won't you be my qin ai dee?