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SONIC ASSAULT This is an assault on your senses. Breathe and let it flow into your mind. This is an assault on your sonic senses. Don't resist whats on your mind. Relax and let it throw you off! But check this and maybe break through the realm of your sonic sound and finally your soul is sound!

THE TUNE If I could share a little thought with you and if I could I try to change the world for you. We know the world's at the brink of destruction and in this way, where's the solution? madness and bliss, gladness and sadness. Only way is to open up your mind yes so what to do at a time like this. Don't we get tired of fuckin up our world, brother and sister tearin each other, when all we ever wanted was to have some... some fuckin peace! Everything we said it aint new to you. Many scriptures that I've read have revealed it too. Now before we lose our faith lets make a move, before we lose our sanity why don't we bust this tune!

PAGBALIK NG KWAGO Pagbalik ng kwago and kwago sa gabi. Sasamahan tayo kahit madilim. Nagbibigay liwanag kanyang mga mata at lilipad tayo sa mundo. Bahala ang kwago sa gabing ito. Siyang bantay para walang gulo. Kantahan at sayawan sa buong magdamag sa tugtugan ng kombo lalong sumasarap! Dadalhin tayo sa paraiso sa pugad ng langit ang lahat ay magkapatid! Pantay pantay lang walang lamangan, nagkakaisa't nagbibigayan!

DESTINATION I take a step from where I am look back from where I've started. Through all the wicked things I've done, left myself unguarded . Evil with a needle. I'm drowning in my past again. Now I throw it all behind, strength in new beginning. But I can't lie to you, no! It's not the way I wanna live my life! I've got my destination no! risin from the dust now I can fly! I've got my destination! The present is here and now people gather up time to sieze the day. Look all around us, caught up in this pleasure dome. Still stuck in your confusion well I'm here to give a helping hand, but if you don't need it, I guess you've got your masterplan.

NO HELP AT ALL Ignorant, thought you were faithful. Showered me with promises. Fell for you agian, no I can't pretend. Laughter and the sorrow, you put me to the test. I'm a fool and I cried when I saw my lover fuckin someone else tonight. Back on the drugs makin me numb. The only state I'd rather be and you, you're no help at all. Tell me, is this your nature? Shattering dreams of rapture. I gave you pleasure, you gave me pain. Have enough of this I'm about to lose my brain. I give you my body and soul, but nothings good enough for your strange desire so I've gotta find another fool, coz takin' all these drugs will only make me fall apart...

I LIKE IT LIKE THIS When they say you have to gain weight, some they bug you, they want you to change, I say hey! I like it like this! When they say, hey momma you're too fat. Sit on your ass and slap that booty fat say hey, I like it like this. Some they say you act like a clown, a funky fool that slips all around I say hey I like it like this. When they say hey man that's too much, don't take all that shit or you get yourself fucked say hey I like it like this. When they try to put you down, get up my man, get up and stand. I say hey, I give you my fist! I like it like this!

FADE AWAY Was it something that I said to you that didn't turn out right, was it something that I did gave up the vibe? Try to listen to yourself and then you'll see my side. Don't tell me it ain't about the fuckin pride. I say we fade away. Why can't we look each other eye to eye? Complacency already passed by. The good and bad times we've been through. Why can't we drop this shit and start the day anew? I say we fade away... Time and again we stood together side by side I remember the time you saved me when I dropped from high but why do we tear each other limb by limb but then again you're totally out of my sight.

Prayer If I ever see you face to face again I'll ask you why so soon and in your grand debut from death reborn again to life I pray I hate to see you haunting or in your private hell I hope you make it This prayer's for you yeah Oh wax and wicker that burns throughout the night the light you shine makes me smile You are the candle that turns the darkness back estinguished fire All my life I know he's waiting All my life I know she's waiting.

VISIONS (REVELATION) With visions thoughts were drownin, as if the world stopped turnin intrusions spinning in my head. I stood there for a moment and gazed into the sky , exploding visions in my eyes... revelation yeah! Is this eternity? Hypnotized by its perfection reveals its resolution. What is this color in my mind? mesmerized by this illusion, now I'm in deep confusion, burnin and yearnin, my head is turning, a ray of ^%$#@! light shining down on me... I try to shut my eyes from this blindin vision but there's no way coz this is no delusion. Theres something here we got to do, brothers and sisters lets start anew. Should I follow now in disbelief questioning myself to find relief burnin and yearnin my head is turnin, a ray of ^%$#@! light shinin down on me.

BLEED We stumble again and we roll on the floor. We're wonderin why we're rollin some more hasn't this happened again and again. Feeling is broken so let's not pretend. Should we let this come to an end? Needin the love and the touch of your face, I know what you're feelin that angel face, is this the sea of love I'm drownin' I can't breathe! There's no one who'll save me but me, spinning around in circles, passion of joy, I bleed...

SLOW Grinds are out, my eyes are poppin' I wanna take the train or the plane I don't wanna shoot it. We crash we burn 60 hours a minute, if this train don't stop I guess I'll pop forgive me. Bust out the flute, the magic pipe, conjure of the things that fly. I'm skin and bones, got no home, don't pity me. The guns are out, the goblins too, so are you. Well its not too late, I wanna change, deliver me... get up slide down, what are you hidin? Don't you know we'll burn it slow from here till tomorrow. We crash, we burn 60 hours a minute, don't you know we'll burn it slow from here till tomorrow.