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Silhouettes I've wasted years believing in trusting and holding on to something so abstract been left in the middle filling blanks answering riddles downed glasses of faith and a few drops of hope with pills to kill the state as attempts to twist fate sung praises to the failed you've tied me well to the ropes you stayed only to elude evade come back for a while then again run away tireless from the "I shall seek and you shall hide" but after the pushing away you'd pull me back inside am i a fool for not being dismayed? Running in circles day after day cathedrals shed light for the next mile you were just too numb to find the time feeling has been your abstinence been hanging long enough yearning for your touch for just one moment an answer even in a whisper or a bit of presence even in silence yet you fill me up with absence... oh you... fill me up with absence you abstain to fill for the desperate you abstain to feel for the mourning chasing this mesmerizing but slowly drifting and fading silhouette chasing this blinding, binding but slowly drifting and fading silhouette run!/look beneath look

Doble Kara Abot ng kamay sabay yakap bulungan "Kamusta na kaibigan? ayos ba tayo jan?" tapik sa balikat sabay kindat "ingat nag-aalala lang" kala mo meron nga siyang pakialam pero pagkatalikod kanya-kanyang gawaan ng kwentong sino ang bida sino ang lamang kanya-kanyang siraan "alam mo ba yan si ganyan supot yan! mas astig ako jan!" at kung makatawa kala mo ang lupit lupit niya't magaling sa lahat kaso ikaw na nakangiting nakikinig huwag ka ng manghusga ano ba naman ang pinagkaiba natin sa kanila... yan ka na naman kumakamada di ka na nahiya nagpupumilit makisiksik sa kahit di mo lungga di mo butas para maging pabigat manira managasa't magpahirap ng kapwa balimbing na kumakapit sa kung sino lang ang mainit ngunit maskadiri't masmabaho ka pa sa basura kapag naubusan pagkatapos mong mabusog ay tinatangay na ng hangin kung sa bagay... para saan ba naman daw ang kaibigan kung hindi mo rin siya gagamitin nasilaw sa ilaw na dala ng panahon... nakisawsaw sa balita para lang masabing andun siya nakiluksa sa drama ng iba kunwari naluha pa reklamo ng reklamo gagong di naman pumaparehas bidang bidang nakikisakay sa galing ing ibang o-ats nakakalimot nadudulas napupuno pero nagmamahal... nakakalungkot nakakatawa tao lang pero minsan daig mo pa ang ahas anong klaseng mukha kaya suot mo bukas daig mo pa ang ahas kaninong pwet kaya hahalikan mo bukas sinasayawan sinasabayan ang ihip at sipol ng hangin

Beautiful Ungrateful I ran further down the road held my breath even longer trying to pay up for what I thought I owed from you you are more vain and envious every time you look in the mirror malicious... if only we walked the same road you wouldn't have sold me just like another cheap pawn squeezed up drained dry with tangled wings I cant fly but still you come to me asking for another pill I have nothing left to give I have nothing left to hide I have nothing left to lose I have nothing left to please you... take it's never enough still you complain when you have more than you need take it's never enough when you have more than what I need beautiful sting

1s 3s 6s What you do makes you who define you refine you what you feel molds you into.. I choose to take chances be thrilled to just gamble for the surprises whatever the prices whatever it offers to witness what it teaches... even with countless walls loose ends or dead ends and this discontentment over my share of luck still I threw them into the air wishes wrapped with prayers it's everything or otherwise turns you've lost stolen from you or wasted stand up learn from it embrace the lessons turns you've found gained you have been given live each moment if it was your last minute throw if only I had those turns that I have longed I would not have been this cold... bound to reveal the hidden unravel the package meant for the wounded and the puzzled.

Kill The Joy Over and over it said stop you'll crash hard and burn a handful of warnings ignored when pretending to be too smart and i kept on running the red lights simply fascinated by the side you hide just wanted to see what's beyond how it felt diving into something intriguing i saw it coming fast I knew I was gonna get hurt trying to be the hero or the coward I chose not to dodge it instead i put my best foot forward cuz can i break more when I'm already broken? digging a deeper hole that I couldn't climb out just for a "reward" the pain of it all cuz of a weaker heart can i break more when I'm already broken? but I'm thankful and proud of my scars I'm thankful I'm different and far from what you are... and I'll go on even if she keeps on stealing my joy keep on killing the joy crawling barely even coping with you paying my dues

Snapshots Taken From... Scenes cross my mind when you get the chance to lie another familiar alibi blurring ties then i assume and begin to refuse to listen I accuse with no proof to present but mere intuition off my subjective view inside a perspective needing truth some light from you threatening odds the chances even larger these huge question marks you make me carry on my back then I maliciously imply that everything said is only meant to cover up another lie as I try to connect made up versions of pictures of possible worst case unbearable scenarios paranoid another needly from you is the least i'd want to have another needle from you would be my last you make me think too much haunting voices taunting noises.

KORO Makinig ka sa aming mga sinasabi mga salitang mula sa aming mga labi tayo nang gibain pader na naghihiwalay sa damdamin ng bawat isa sa ami'y sumabay sumunod magbuklod tumunog parang kulog gumalaw sumigaw bumuo ng isang bilog na di kayang paghiwahiwalayin ng ano mang mga bagay saming pagkakaisa'y hahadlang hindi nila kaya tayong itumba kapit kamay sabay sabay sa pagtawid sa tulay di niyo kayang pigilan at lalong hindi mabilang kapag nagkasamasama kami ay nagmimistulang alon sa tubig o putik na di pwedeng mapunit sama sama sa kung anumang nais naming iguhit ang aming palag nag kalat sa bersikulong ito na aking isinulat i'm calling on every human soul that is breathing friends and foes those who still have dreams let's get together and make the fire bigger capitalize in the power and the strength we'll have in numbers set aside the pride that makes us hate our very own brothers see beyond the colors to discriminate only limits us so stop your pointing of fingers we all make mistakes we've been victims instead lets fix this rebuild things where we had failed cuz it's not yet too late to bury the hatchet let's not be divided raise and wave the flag up high where the blind can see it spread the love and reach out to the people whom they have forgotten and believe that we can make it have faith join the battle the crusade against the system remember that the bigger the chance we can make a difference this is urgent time to start is now and not later open your eyes awaken united we stand divided we fall a nation of procastinators and debaters negates us all a call for oneness in times of unrest mic check i'm looking for a mic to bless as i address the people created equal you can't show good without showin evil thoughts prevail guard your heart hold it captive the most deceptive is so attractive jealousy and envy soldiers of hatred double bladed serrated edges broken vows and empty pledges driven wedges meant to separate views a culture of hate is in the frontpage and in the news battered and bruised in an abusive society a media check this is a call for sobreity some try to be tough some of us try to be saints some try to bluff their way out of the game i came into this world with a purpose the world deserves much more than scrap or surplus scratch the surface dig deep inside the soul speak the truth and it shall be told what you reap is what you sow cuz in the end it's still rock and roll grab a hold on a mic grip tight and i spit positivity for the pit hit me i said hit me alam mo di ko lang malaman kung bakit may mga taong kailangang mag away bakit di na lang mag kapit kamay at magpakumbaba sa iba'y huwag mandura piliting huwag mangutsa wla ka namang mapapala mga sinasabi mo mga sinasabi ko pero kung magkakasabay ay talagang magulo bakit di mo pakinggan ang iba ay pagbigyan kung lahat naririnig ito'y maiintindihan sama samang sumigaw isang boses tayong gumalaw sa init ay hindi maginaw kahit na anong man gyare sa atin ay wala ng bibitaw sakin ay makinig kahit na patagilid huwag mahiya na sa iba'y bumilib bago pa wakasan ang awit na aming inihatid kahit sa sinulid kaya mong tumawid sa pagkalabit ng gatilyo sumabog ang unang putok alam niyo naman marahil kung bakit nagkakaganito ang bayan natin ilang daang taon na inalipin mata sa mata ipin sa ipin bakit ganon bridge the gap spread the love ang pag ibig ay liwanag ang liwanag ay pag ibig the light the torch raise the flag bawat butil ng buhangin na di niyo kayang bilangin halika bridge the gap spread the love ang pag ibig ay ialay natin sating kapatid light the torch raise the flag magsama samang isugod bandilang hawak ating itaguyod

PSEUDO DRAMATIC Should I be guilty, too? as guilty as you the best actress in hiding behind spaces and curtains the drama queen evil conniving who cheated to feel vindicated she won sympathies as trophies for her superb well crafted stories only to tie me down to promise she chose convenience over conscience she made me believe I was too trusting that she was far from her recuperating but she made me feel she was closer than ever doing her part and more than willing I didn't know she was there for another reason to secretly watch me bleed and go down to my knees held be by the neck without me knowing it my loved one who saw me as an opponent I give you props for having such a creative mind but shame on you for having a heart nine times colder than mine no matter who you have what you have what you reach where you hide i lay a curse that you be much bitter and sad than I for the rest of your life... Good riddance to a circumstance a deliverance from your sweet subtle t ortures you know you can't always hide the truth there are eyes around watching you you know you can't always hide the truth I am watching you... should I be guilty too?

MEDICINE You teased me to dance with you in the fire I'm flirting with your dagger again tonight fascinated by the risk the danger I don't want to resist I fantisize what you might offer waiting here... your willing victim is again chasing after your bait I follow your scent missing your moansI crave making love loving in numbers though they might see us this intense rush when inside you is just... priceless i'm burning from everything that is keeping me alive I'm bound to fall but not now...

APOY Tatalon ka na ba mula sa sinasakyang nagdala sa iyo sa taas para lang magpakalunod? sa alin? sa bisyo o sa luho? bibitawan mo na ba paniniwalang nagdulot sa iyo ng saya para lang magpakabaliw? sa ano? sa pansamantalang aliw? bat ka ba lumalayo sa mismong kadugong kailan man ay di ka iniwanang nagluluksang magisa? nakalimutan mo na ba halaga nila? bat ka ba sumusuko sa mga pagsubok na di mo naman ikamamatay? di ba dapat lalo kang tumitibay? tulong pahingi ng gamot kahit panandaliang lunas para man lang kumalma bat ka ba nagpapasunog sa sarili mong apoy? kapit ng mahigpit, kapatid kumapit huwag kang bumitaw sunog lang ng sunog!

SITCOM We come and go with respective reasons episodes coming colorful seasons portraying roles in various missions beautiful strangers scheming ambitious for fun we always want a piece of the pie we run the distance the lows and the highs I've done some stunts bought some lies stuck with the same dilemmas surprise surprise didn't see her years didn't even notice left 'til she was there cuz of a lover but I couldn't remember where I got to first have her the scenes are way too familiar has this happened before? once? twice? maybe more? was it really me then? with a different you? nice coincidence or just a deja vu? a few stories to sell buy one take two whether it be gossip or truth malicious whispers I am the story you... exaggerate imitate fabricate complicate fascinate recreate appreciate celebrate give me a dose of the best medicine we walk in different lines and directions random given or any chosen situation but sometimes we happen to cross the same intersection s even in having varrying intentions our dance wasn't just a coincidence or a matter of chance but fate in its divine hands cuz our lives and paths are intertwined like vines in the same garden of life longing for the same sunshine... action and cut good take proceed to the next frame...

IN DEBTED TO I only saw what I thought was the sad side of a blessed story running against time pressure got tighter by the second forcing me to make one crucial decision no thinking of you and the consequences there's no valid excuse or enough alibis to justify a coward's tale of an exit I'll forever be wrong to have done it and too stupid to believe that I just did the appropriate I forgot our purpose being here is to feel I apologize that you had to because I failed you I owe you one this I owe you I owe you this... I failed to see what mattered most I thought I knew the meaning of it all it just came a little too soon still I was supposed to be grateful I owe you this...

SOLDIER Biyaheng ibabaw gaano man kalalim biyayang liwanag hanggang saan man ang dilim na lalakbayin tulang sinasadula ganda ng lihim kasaysayang inukit kalsadang nilikhang kasama ka problemang masaya mga pinatay na oras mga sanang ubos na naririnig nadadama sa iyong iniwang musika kampay para sa iyo apoy sa entablado sundalo sa puso sa paglipad ng malaya etong pabaon ko sa tamang oras... saludo sa iyo kapatid! Sa digmaan kasama pa rin kitang sasabak sa giyera sa laban! saludo sa iyo! sundalo sa puso! ipagtabi mo na kami ng ulap kung nasaan ka man...