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Chrome Eight

Desert Sun Hey, I've been thinking, im gearing towards a dream that never ends Hey the crowd's waiting, with a manic disguise through their jaded eyes Even stars aid the moon now, revealing beauty we all can see Cuz I, wana feel Like a drowned man, who found his way to shore Like a soldier who believes what he's fighting for I've been searching for far too long, for this feeling that I belong Now I lie beneath the setting sun, with the horizon right in front of me

Taguan Nalibot ko na ang boung mundo, nakilala ko na ang bawat tao, siya parin ang hinahanap ko natikman ko na ang mani sa baguio nalangoy ko na ang buong hulo siya parin ang hinahanap ko kaya pa ba? hintayin baka naman wala.. tumalon, sumigaw, umiyak, nadapa di parin nakikita siya parin ang hinahanap ko nasampal,uminom, nasapak, nagalak dito parin nag-iisa, siya parin ang hinahanap ko Nabasa kona ang biblya nagtanaong na ako sa may eskenita siya parin ang hinahanap ko nasakyan ko na ang tren sa metro nagdasal na ako sa mga santo siya parin ang hinahanap ko kaya ko ba pansinin kaw nga pala tumalon, sumigaw, umiyak, nadapa sa wakas nakita ko na ikaw pala ang hinahanap ko nasampal,uminom, nasapak, nagalak dina ako nag-iisa, ikaw pala ang hinahanap ko

About You Floating now, I'm glowing in the sight of you Somehow everything is so clear to me now Wherever you go, my eyes can't help but follow Before you, my life was hallow, I said before you my life was hallow So afraid of opening my heart, so afraid of changing so afraid of feeling once again but that was before you There's something about you, there's something about you (2x) Seeing you in a different light, a newly mended heart still afraid to have it break apart, but the dream with you is slowly sinking in singin'

Pagmamadali Dati rati, o ang dali mong kausapin saan nag-punta ang iyong sinag para mabuhay sinag para makita ang kagandahan ng buhay Naalaala mo pa ba ang iyong sinabi nung tayo'y magkasama walang humpay ang tawanan walang humpay ang ligaya Sino nagsabi ang bukas ay nagmamadali paano nangyari o kay bilis ng sandali Napapansin mo pa ba ang mga bituin? kumikinang para lang sayo at sa walang humpay na tawanan walang humpay na ligaya

Running Time Here we are Completely numb against the world outside You and i We slowly climb the path to paradise Softly say Your warm breath says it perfectly We should run Far away, far away I know a place Where we could be free from this perfect cage It aint far We could heal all the scars They afflicted They don't understand from the moment we met I could say You already have me You already had me You already have me Running time Ohhhhh ohhhhh