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Accident Prone wasted wasted on the floor wasted wasted like before when will i find you? when will i catch you? when will i find you on the floor? pasted pasted on the wall pasted pasted in the fall one day i'll find you one day i'll catch you one day i'll find you in the fall as i sink on the pink away i won't be too far this way i must be prone, can't you see? accidents happen to me faced it faced it face to face faced it faced it with such grace i'll never find you i'll never catch you i'll never find you face to face as i think on the brink away i won't be with you today you'll never find me you'll never catch me you'll never find me accident prone.

Anchor I don't wanna play with you coz you know all the rules and you break them all causing me to fall in love again with you and i don't have a clue why you changed your mind leaving me behind don't blame me if i'm unkind *i just don't get why you still hang around with me when it's over ok, i wanted to but all i want is you to be closer you want me, but not that way and that's why i stay away...* You sit by me all the time yourself pressed close to mine and it means nothing but it's everything found in your face your smile which only lasts awhile then i count the days until we part ways so maybe... it's just a shame yoiu don't feel what i'm feeling too coz it's over i don't expect you to just change along with me it doesn't work that way you want me but not today and that's why i stay away So maybe...

Betamax there is a box that chews my tapes costs me big bucks and comes in shapes go adjust the tracking no wait it's still rewinding i have a low-fi tin machine why can't that video dildo clean? put it on aux3 please do you have one of these? it's beta or beta it's beta than beta, beta then beta there is a box that's obsolete with untimely clocks that overheat is it forwarding or is the remote not working? i have a low-bass, high-treble thing let's watch xxx, cartoons, or anything bring back the 80s in vain pronounce it again it's beta or beta it's beta than beta, beta then beta now there's a high-tech new gadget plug it into the wrong socket press pause, stop, and record till we get bored.

Lucid Recipe Follow me down to a place that I found where there’s no one else but me We’ll take a walk and if there’s time we’ll talk and fulfill your recipe Echoing voices in my mind call… calling me softly How many times do you open your eyes when a comet passes by? Do what I do and I’ll do it for you flying high up in the sky. Memories fading like a lie. So, so disappointing Who could you be? Could you be me, but I don’t have a shadow Go bang a gong, it won’t take long to set you free. Don’t go away. Don’t be afraid. It’s time now. Goodbye now. Come and join me Follow me. Follow me.

Sad Trip Nais kong mapangiti kahit konting sandali manlang Nagaalangan Nasan na ang nanay ko? Di malaman ‘bat nagkaganto Kailangan kita Napaligiran ng lungkot Tumatagos ang lamig sa kumot Ano ba? Nagyon na wala naman akong ginagawa. Nangangawit,pumapangit Habang tumatagal dumadagdag ang sad trip/ang biyahe pauwi, sumasakay sa sad trip Sino na ang girlfriend mo? Nagugutom na ako ate. Ang init dito. Saan ako nagkamali? Mge buto’y nagkawindang-windang Nanjan si itay… Pinipiga ang utak ko, nagmumukmok sa dilim ng anino. Sino ka? Nangyari no ‘to wala kang kadala-dala.

Salidious I've seen aloy of barenaked indians a rubber glove stickin' up in me I'm campin' out on planet salidious a flying branch from an acre tree Chorus: Kitty-cat's been left alone and run over by a car there's no blood just broken bones and i know he won't get far But it's still breathing (x3) Uh-oh!Uh-oh! A smoking gun, a symbol of happiness together and forever will be I'm jumpin up and down on the pavement a bit precautious and a little free (Repeat Chorus) Bridge: Apple bugs are eating up my groceries Apple bugs are eating up my candies

Snuffy Remember when we used to play and everyday was Saturday? They looked at me as if I were alone. We used to be inseparable, they thought you were invisible, But I could see your face as if it were my own. When anyone else is here you always disappear (x2) They couldn’t see you so they closed my eyes/I never lost you they just closed my eyes My mother said that she’d insist on calling on an exorcist You ran away before they had a chance And now they think you’re gone, it’s true; I’m incomplete because of you. You arn away and hauled your ass to France. All of those times when I thought I was sane, doctors could never explain. When anyone else is here you always disappear (remember when we used to play…)