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Take Me Down Take me down gimme the score tell me I'm gone Tell me I'm done You've counted me out before the last bell has rung Tell me I'm gone Here brick by bring Let's rebuild this lovely scene You say blood is thicker boy But it's not what these eyes see The truth is bitter real Yes it's a spinning wheel Round and around and around we go You know I never really could get into our conversations Just merely confrontations It's a lovefest, an inspiration You try to play preacher And teach me the ways of your world The path you have taken The dark road Was built on the lies that were told Take me down deeper and deeper right through the heart Tell me I'm done All the roads are blocked and there's no where to turn Tell me I'm gone You know I've been wondering And dragging this heavy soul Lord knows These lessons you're selling Sould medicine Isn't easy to swallow I'll try to meet ya On that high plateau So take the message to the chief tell him I ain't coming This hear t's to proud it can't be broken It's a black tie affair And guess who's coming to dinner You make the words sound so sweet Let's pretend that everythings Gonna be alright Alright It took me a second To read ya Just wasn't my game fool Face me when I speak to ya Take me down...

As The Music Plays The Band On the radio DJ plays a song Thank you sir For the music Listen night and day To all the bands that play Music Great Music 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Back in 1993 I knew what I would be As the music plays the band The songs play the music As the music plays the band The songs play the music Wrote this song For all of you Out there With its catchy melody And simple harmonies Let the music take control Let the music take your soul Everybody sing this song with me 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Mr. Clay Red sun dawn Guns are drawn Skull and bones Beast of war Father help me stop this Rush of blood to the head Look at you I see red Start this game I'll end it By this hate that you help the world create I've been sent Now repent I'm the war that comes to you The plague that follows through I've been told you've been warned to stop the hatred you have spawned The qualms you have are stupid By this movement manifest Lord I'll put you to the test Yet you fail Now the blind that follow you Will burn in hell with you All by myself I know that I stand here alone All your lies they feed me I'm stronger now Stronger now than I was before There's no way you can Hurt me Move me Stop me Talk too much motherfuckin hush You had your chance to change things Move in the direction of right Choose to set the bar But then you had to pick a fight So what's daddy done to you lately Bought you the throne like stealing candy from a baby Line your pockets with mucho dinero Paid in f ull with the blood of the people So now you got the fires rockin Blood and hate Then you got the people talking Legacy You will never be forgotten Your place in history A black mark in time Peace and flowers will kill the superpower The fall of Rome is near Can't you hear It's been written It's been said The Revelations I have read The signs are here Those days are over Walk away from the line For now is the time

Pride And The FlameGone, gone are the days When the west was wild And every child's dream A light was seen Gone, gone are the days When the world just sung for tomorrow to come But she never came If I was to break If I was to pay Blue moon are you lost again Where will I find the light? Where will I find the truth? How will I ever say goodbye Coz we're turning the pages again Bound by the lives that have been spent I'm not living your third world lies Goodbye, better days ahead Goodbye Gone, gone are the days All these questions No straight answers Everybody's a high priced healer hey Gone, gone are the days Tis the season of change Every scar on the hand marks a new day Sleep child Slip into a dream Poppa hasn't been home Busy living out this crazy scene Coz we're turning the pages again Tired of your preaching amen I'm not living your third world lies Goodbye Better days ahead Reached out to feel each grain A lifetime running through his hands The scorching heat le ft our heart The workings of a proud brown man But nowhere could you see Dark eyes look away The pride and flame Reached out to feel the warmth Time running through his hands The scorching heat gave life The heart of the proud brown man And he says to his child Who still couldn't stand Someday

Masaya Ako's malungkot nanaman Amoy chico na ako Ilang tagan na hindi pa rin tulog Tanong ko lang sa langit Kung bakit pumangit Nung dating masaya Ngayo'y panay problemang bumabalot sa buto Bakit ganito Ang pag-ibig Ganyan talaga Pagbago pa ang pagibig Ganyan talaga Masaya Pagkagising ko Nakita ko si Juan Na syang adik Sa aming lugar Parang droga daw ang bisa Na ginamit nya kanina sa una lang daw masarap Ang pag-ibig ganyan talaga Ako'y nilamon ng pag-ibig Ganyan talaga masaya

War Of Hearts And MindsWar of hearts and minds Who will pay the price? Does anybody care? It's not make believe You've seen it on your TV screen I'm glad you're not here Take my wife please If you think it's funny Cut my heart out for a souvenir Take my life please If you think it's worth it I'm glad you're not here War of hearts and minds 7 days later I still can't find Truth and peace How will I find my way They say love, love without fear Is said to be the key But just look around No clear answer to be found Get me out of here I'd rather it be me In this tragic comedy I'm glad you're not here

Light YearsHello... Goodbye... Leave me alone Don't wanna be with anyone Lie awake in bed My eyes are closed I bet you think I'm wasted Hit me if you think it's worth it If you think I've crossed the line I'll see you somewhere out there I know you think I'm crazy or a schizo maybe Or a drug fiend addict But I know what's real I know you faked it Coz lies are what we have in your world Read all the books of live Looked at myself Where did the years go? They're lost within the pages of time Something about it makes me Something about it takes me Something about you makes me High so high Me and my folk guitar We've seen A glimpse of the wild world It's beautiful, it's crazy A lot of people that we know Thay talk about us They say we've lost it They're too far away from Venus I say If they know what we know We'll see them somewhere Out there Coz light years from now They'll find it somehow Coz it's beautiful out there

These DaysThese days I seem to find A million reasons to sit around and waste my mind I know what's being said and that's all fine You tell me to get a life Do you understand the weight of that line? Take me for all I am Coz I can find My own way Big date tonight There's no tomorrow So let's leave it on the line Coz there's time It's not too late To change direction Turn your head son So let's leave it on the line There's something within That's telling me that I'm just playing it too cool I could pretty much lose everything I never had an apple that tasted so so sweet Given the chance, the choice Take me for all I am Today... I am free Free to fly Free to be what they tell me I cannot be Happy Birthday to me Is this the light at the end? Where the picture is clearer the reception is warmer Is this the light at the end? You're looking lot better we're happy to see ya Is this the light at the end? You got what you came for you know where to find the door Is this the l ight at the end? Where the women are hot but the beer's a lot colder Is this the light at the end? Yo momma's looking good what she doing for dinner? Is this the light at the end? If yo momma's busy does she have a younger sister? Is this the light at the end? You got what you came for you know where to find the door Is the light at the end? You know I woke up To a beautiful morning Till you showed up Nauseous I was to see you standing there in my presence But it was all right Coz I'm not about to fight When this bird wants to sing I'll sing Gunpoint that suppose to scare me into submission A slave to your will, fear, greed and ambition But I'm not game... I'm not game to your flame There's no discussion I will fight to the end... fighter

Hudas Ba't sila'y nag iinumang masaya Bakit sa lupa magulo Ba't sila'y nagtatawanang malakas Tinatawanan lang tayo Di kaya't isang tropa lang sila Ang Demonyo, si San Pedro at and Diyos Tinatawanan lang ni Hudas Ako't ikaw Tayong lahat Balita ko'y may nag away sa inyo Dahil ba sa penoy at balot? Nag debate, nag talo kung sinong tama't totoo Pinagawayan si Jawo Sana ay mamulat ang matang bulag Na iisa lang naman ang Diyos Tinatawanan lang ni Hudas Tinatagayan lang ni Hudas Si satanas at ating Diyos Ama.

Noypi Tingnan mo ang iyong palad Kalyado mong kamay Sa hirap ng buhay Ang dami mong problema Nakuha mo pang ngumiti Noypi ka nga Astig Saan ka man naroroon Wag kang matatakot sa baril o patalim Sa bakas na madilim Hoy Pinoy ako Buo aking loob May agimat ang dugo ko Sinisid ko ang dagat Nilibot ko ang mundo Nasa puso ko pala hinahanap kong kulo ilang beses nakong muntikang mamatay Alam ko ang sekreto kaya't nandito pa't buhay Sabi nila may anting anting ako Pero di nila alam na Diyos ang dahilan ko

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