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(*alrighty, well here are some stuff that i have recorded, just know that my microphone SUCKS, and thats why its all scratchy and everything, i can't get a decent recording program either so bear with me, annnd also feel free to critisize because it helps in a weird sort of way... thanks a lot!*)
*electric stuff, first 2 are up!
***by the way most of these are bad recordings that i didn't take my time on, hence the craptacular***

×Cinnomin Eggo- *by:me* haha, random riff, with that name because thats what i was eating while i made it, theres supposed to be a second guitar part, buttt i haven't discovered how to collaberate it yet! enjoy

×Work- Jimmy Eat World Cover

×Supreme Song (craptacular)[sample of song we're working on]

×Accidents (intro demo)[craptacular]

×Letters To God (cover)

×Stare At the Sun (cover)

×Plaintiff Surrenders (demo)

×Smells Like Teen Spirit(small riffs)

×Knockin on Heaven's Door (cover)

×Boulevard of Broken dreams (cover)

×Sab's first time playing guitar "smells like teen spirit

×Jimmi's Dead (demo)

×Another Day, Another Headache (demo)