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  Ti Cycles

 Bicycle Maintenance

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Ti Cycles is equipped to provide you with any service that your mountain bike may need.

Click on the pricing link to see pricing for Bicycle Maintenance.

Ti Cycles 2005 Service Plan


Ti Cycles Tune-Up

bulletTrue and Dish Wheels
bulletAdjust Front Derailleur
bulletAdjust Rear Derailleur
bulletAdjust Brakes
bulletAdjust Headset
bulletInspect All Other Parts

Ti Cycles Signature 30 Point Checklist

bulletEverything in a Tune-Up
bulletAlign Rear Derailleur Hanger
bulletSet all Adjustments to Mfg. Spec.
bulletSet all Bolts to Proper Torque Spec.
bulletGrease all Bearings (BB, HS, Cone)
Ti Cycles Overhaul
bulletEverything in a 30 Point Checklist
bulletUltrasonic Drive Train Cleaning
bulletAll New Inner Cables
bulletNew Outer Cable Housing as Needed
bulletDegrease and Repack all Bearings

TLC for your mountain bike.  If you ride every week, we recommend a Ti Cycles Overhaul every 2 years.


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