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Nestle03: yeah, and I'm pretty sure I've watched every movie at your house at least once.
Nestle03: haha.
Trent93936: lol, most likely
Nestle03: I'm sure we can find something to occupy ourselves.
Nestle03: :-)
Nestle03: jk..
Trent93936: you got my hopes up...darn
Nestle03: haha.
Nestle03: how come you're not out tonight--Thirsty Thursday, and Sam's in?
Trent93936: i know, i have a training at work tomorrow so i'm laying low
Nestle03: training?
Trent93936: yeah restraint training
Nestle03: as in.. how to hold someone down if they're being too rough?
Trent93936: exactly i should show you sometime
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