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Laws of the land

There is no swearing, rape, god playing, or slander of another's char. behave as you should is the golden rule in this game.

Swearing is to be done in pernese. you basicly have to read the books to swear. I'll give ya one pernese swear word to go by. "By the first egg!". Use that one in times of trouble.

You may play one dragonrider in this rpg and you may play as many common people as you want just as long as you keep up with all of them. If you have a common person that you would not mind everyone playing then put that in your post. As of the start of this rpg you may join as a blue, brown, or green rider But no joining as a bronze, or gold. I would suggest waiting to impress a bronze or gold if you have a young character.

The spin off

30 turns after 9th pass

There had already been a illness once that had all but wiped all of the dragons off of the face of pern till a cure,turns back, was found. Now a new epic had spread though out the weyr's once more but this time the weyrleaders were ready. The senior queens moved high into the weyr's were the sickness couldn't reach them. All of the sick dragons were asked to go between with their riders immediatly for there was no hope for cure. What the world of pern was not prepared for was the illness could spread from dragon to rider. Devasted, many of the still healthy dragonriders flew between before they fell ill. The lost on pern was heavy, almost too heavy before a cure was found. there was only a few youngsters left, one senior queen, two bronzes, and 20 adults. The cure was found in the firelizards themselves because people noticed they never fell ill. By extracting a little of firelizard blood it could be put into healthy dragons and humans alike and would act as a prevenative. By the time the people and dragons were injected there was 5 children, 10 teenagers, and 13 healthy adults left with the sick senior queen, and 1 healthy bronze with their rider. The last bronze went between in pure maddness that could not be stopped. Thread would not return though for it had stopped some 30 turns ago after the last 9th pass. The last remaining reminiets of pern and surviors gathered what they had and renamed the southern weyr Ailiquistar and for future reference they named Ista weyr Talia. The queen and bronze had flown together before the illness making Merina and T'gar weryleaders of ailiquistar. When the queen layed her last clutch the eggs were injected with the blood of firelizards in despreate hopes. Atinkaita sits dieing over her clutch of 11 closely with one queen left unborn, to hatch, to save the world, of our dear pern. My friends, The world is in danger once more. We the dragonriders and pernese must unite once more under the skies of pern to save the weyrs and holds. Hold what you have dear to you and hang on. This is going to be one crazy ride.

Understanding Pern

Pern is a world based off the book series Dragons of Pern If you have never read the books I'm not going to tell you to get lost. I'll help you. First of all there is a certain amount of pernese words. Go to this website and read the entire glossary to get a full understanding of pern. You don't have to though to join this rpg. Glossary


In order to impress you must go to the search board and present your reasons why you should be a candiate. It goes against tradition but things must change with the tide. When the time comes and the queen lays a clutch you may begin to post on the search board (For now as soon as you join you can go to the search board and present yourself, I'll accept the first 11 people right off the bat) if a bronze or gold rider pick you. Mentally or phyically impaired pernese do not get a chance to impress. The chance that they die are too high. Not every Canadiate impresses at first hatching but don't give up hope.


I will give you a certain week that the hatching may occur. You need to check at least once a day to see if the hatching has began if you have been searched. Be sure and post that you are there. Late canadiates get little or no chance of impressing. I will tell you when you post what dragon color you have impressed and you pick a name (make it a good name). After you have impressed choose a weyr to live in. If you have impressed a queen and there is a open weyr you become the leader of that weyr.

You play your own dragon in this rpg because once you have bonded you are mind and heart linked with your dragon. To mind talk with your dragon you use Italicis. Like this. Dear Draola, What are we to do when the coming storms blow the lands away? and your dragon is the same way. The coming storms will not blow me away because I have you sounds sappy but If you die your dragon flys between, thus commiting suicide and the weyr weeps.


In the book series Masterharper Robin dies and it is a darn shame. He was one of my fav. peoples. I cried when I read that part in the book where him and avias die. But pern must go on! I'm going to look for a person who has read the series to fill this wonderful position.

To join a weyr you must be bonded to a dragon and to join a hold you must ask the master of the hold.

Writer and keeper of the ballads is very important too. need another exprienced person here.

Creatures of pern

Dragons- The largest of all creatures and the most intelligent they bond with a life partner and if they find none worthy they will die.

Fire Liziards- A small cousin to the dragon. They bond with people but if they find none they go into their wild state. Can be annoying. Must be trained well. If you ask real nice under search you can impress a clutch of firelizards.

Watch weyr- A nocturanal creature. They bond with people but can change people. Not avaible in the game until it picks up speed.

Felines- Felines are bad. They are big enough to take down a bronze dragon in packs. Be careful in the south.

dolphins- Very intelligent. They save drowning people.

Wherries-Large birds that dragons hunt.

Runnerbeast- Perns equivalent to horses

A little about me
Keep in mind I'm probably listening to Led Zeppelin while I'll play this rpg . I recommend you all bring music along with you who are also playing. Makes the rpg that much more fun. (the drums will shake the castle walls) A good line indeed if you ask me. Oh I love robert plant. My hero! Misty mountain hop, kashmir, stairway to heaven. Oh I'm so in love. Sorry about that. I'm really going off now. You can almost imagine yourself sitting in grass with robert plant with flowers in your head and hearing misty mountain hop. (why dont you take a good look at yourself and tell me what you see) Another good one! Ya! (You really dont care if their coming) I'm so into this song. I needed to be born close to the 60's and not the 80's. (so I'm packin my bags for the misty mountains.) I'm basicly giving you a over skim of my life I guess. I'm hearing kashmir now (who let the sun beat down on my face) It takes my breathe away. The image of sands and faraway places far far away from the horribleness of real life. (All I see turns the ground, As the sun turns the ground, and My eyes feel the same) ( tryin to find where I've been) My heart soars every time I hear this song almost as good as riding a dragonback in my mind.

Pern is not my idea

Copyrighted to Anne McCathery. Pern is her idea and I'm only creating a world off of it.

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