{7~11} Ultimate Warcraft 3 Clan Server

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To use hook you must first bind it to a key using this command in console type
bind v "+hook" whereas v is a variable and u can change to any key that you would like to use for hook.

To use the Roll the dice plugin at anytime simpy type roll the dice and it well randomly select an option for you.
To use the bank you must first create your bank account by typing the command bank_create 1000 once u have your bank created to withdraw money you type the command maxwit and to deposit more money simply type the command maxdep. This bank has no limit to how much money it can hold and not only can u pull it out whenever you would like you also gain intrest on your money every 5 rounds.

I do not run any limits on the number of awps aloud in the map whoever i do run 2 plugins to make it less appealing for a player to awp. Anyone who is using the awp well glow either blue for ct or red for 2. This well make them easier to spot. I also have added an Awp knockback so that everytime they shoot they get kicked backed a few feet. This should allow for less camping, and just make awping a little bit harder.

Somewhat self explanitory if a nade is thrown at you all you have to do is simply look when you are next to it and hit the use button (defaulted to e) and it well kick the nade in the direction you are facing.

automatic knife dual is a plugin in which once there is only 2 players left 1 on ct and 1 on t then either player takes out their knive and slash the wall 3 times to ask the other player to a knife dual. If he accepts knives only well be enabled for the remainder of the round. Bunnyhop is a simple plugin that allows a user to jump over & over without having to hit spacebar by means of just holding the button down.