First here are some basic commands for amxx. *note* do not actually add anything in parenthesis to the command

amx_cvar sv_gravity 800(*norm*) (*or 300 for low*)
amx_map mapname (*example. amx_map de_dust *)
amx_help shows a list of some commands
ehhh im sure u know most if not jus message me

the first plugin i well go over is podbot. podbot is what i use for bots and they help keep server full at times of low real people commands are as follows.
amx_rcon pb addbot (*adds 1 bot*)
amx_rcon pb (*fills server *note* if u decide to do this make sure and kick 5 or 6 so some people can join*)
if bots start doing like talk to each other thing use this command
amx_rcon pb botchat 0
that should be all u need for that but jus incase i think theres some other things in here i belive jason mode makes them better? "addbot" "botchat" "botsfollowuser" "botspray" "danger_factor" "debuggoal" "detailnames" "experience" "fillserver" "help" "inhumanturns" "jasonmode" "killbots" "mapstartbotdelay" "max_bots" "maxbotskill" "maxweaponpickup" "min_bots" "minbotskill" "remove" "removebots" "shootthruwalls" "timer_grenade" "timer_pickup" "timer_sound" "usespeech" "version" "weaponmode" "welcome_msgs" "wptfolder"

Now for Uwc3 the only command a admin should ever need for this is
amx_givexp "player" "amount" or used in example like so
amx_givexp "colt 45" "100000"
an easier way to do this might be to go to war3menu then hit 7 should be admin screen for uwc3.

if this still has not answered ur questions try lookin in here for a questionabout how to use something