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Some links to Yardbirds sites and related sites

Yardbirds Official site Offical website with latest news and interesting information about the current Yardbirds line-up.

Yardbirds World A website made by the great Yardbirds fan Rickard Mackay, founder of the fanzine "Yardbirds World"

Jim McCarty's website The legendary drummer of The Yardbirds own website Fan Site Interesting site with gig list 1963-68 and other items

Jeff Beck An excellent website dedicated to the worlds greatest guitar player.

Heavy Cream An interesting Cream website

Led Zeppelin Excellent site about rock legends Led Zeppelin

John Impressive site about the great drummer John Bonham of Led Zeppelin

Renaissance Nice site about Keith Relf's and Jim McCartys band after the Yardbirds.

Yardbirds Site with a lot of rare and interesting photos of the Yardbirds

The Yardbirds Good Yardbirds site by David Edgar

The Keith Relf Site An Argentine website about Keith Relf

Yardbirds.US Informative site about Yardbirds made by Russ Garret with lots of information about Yardbirds records. The site includes sections about Jimmy page and Downliners Sect.


Some links to Downliners Sect sites and related sites

Downliners Sect Official band site with latest information about gigs, mechandise etc.

Allez-Gator Former Downliners Sect member Barry Cooper's band

The TT:s Website about The TT:s with former Downliners Sect member Terry Clemson (a.k.a Gibson)


Some other music links

Classic Rock Website with news about rock and links to many interesting sites.

The British Beat 1963-66 Interesting website with a lot of information about the British bands of the 60:s. Website made by David "Digger" Barnes about British pop culture with a lot of interesting stuff, interviews, band information, photos and other things. Another website made by "Digger" with lots of interesting sixties items.

Making Time Great site with lots of links to websites about famous bands from the sixties

The Fallen Leaves A very good rock band and a driving force for The Parliament Club



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