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Welcome to this site which is dedicated to two of the greatest bands in rock history, Yardbirds and Downliners Sect. On this site we will give you some interesting news about the bands and also some news about former band members. As this site is located in Sweden, we may not always be the first with the hottest news about the Yardbirds and the Sect but we have some really good information sources who will help us to get the information necessary for this site.

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A new guestbook has been creeated since the old one simply ceased to exist. The new guestbook can be found at:


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Yardbirds are back again

More news about the band and their coming tours at the Yardbirds official website


"Making Tracks" Yardbirds DVD

A review of The Yardbirds DVD "Making" tracks is available on The Yardbirds official website.

A picture of the current Yardbirds line-up can be found here

Yardbirds tour dates can be found here.

An interview with Jim McCarthy can be found here.


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Terry's book out now

Terry Gibson has written a book about his time with the Downliners Sect

More info about this excellent book and how to obtain it on Terry's Facebook-site



Pip Harvey has passed away

Pip Harvey, former harmonica player in the Downliners Sect passed away 15 February 2014

Pip Harvey joined the Downliners Sect in early 1965, just before their first Swedish tour and was a member in the band 1965-1966. He participated on the album "The Country Sect" where he played harmonica and tambourine and also sung one track, "The Ballad Of The Hounds". He can also be heard on the single tracks "I Got Mine" and "The Wreck Of The Old 97" as well as the "Sect Sing Sick Songs" EP.

RIP Pip Harvey. We will remember you.



Don Craine interview

A recent interview with Don Craine can be found here.

Another interview with Don Craine made some years ago can be found here.

Don Craine interview

The Sect did a successful tour in Sweden in 2017. Here is a picture from their performance at the rock pub Droskan in Umeň 26 July 2016.


The Sect in Umeň
From left to right: John O'Leary, Don Craine, Mark Freeman, Keith Grant, Del Dwyer

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