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                       Richmond R&BMer


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  A website about the Yardbirds

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    and the Downliners Sect

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Note: This is a website about real rhythm'n'blues, not that commercial syrupy MTV stuff which some people call rhythm'n'blues today.



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since 16 Januari 2002



Webmaster: Ronny Lindholm

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Latest update: 15 February 2020


Special thanks to:

Richard Mackay, The Yardbirds Fan no 1, for information and for excellent magazine "Yardbirds World" which expanded my knowledge of this fantastic band.

Don Craine, The Sect Leader, for information, news, photos, phone conversations and help to buy rare Sect items.

Patrick Gissberg, who makes my computer function.

The Yardbirds and the Downliners Sect for many years of fantastic music!