Wrestling Name: Scott Steiner
Real Name: Scott Carl Rechsteiner
Nicknames: Big Poppa Pump; The Big Booty Daddy; The Genetic Freak
Past Alliases: Scott Rexsteiner
Wrestled For: WWA; CWA; NWA; New Japan Pro Wresting; PWA; WCW; ECW; WWAS; WWE
Currently Wrestling For: TNA
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 270 lbs
From: Bay City, Michigan
Date Of Birth: 29th July 1962
Trained By: "The Original" Shiek
Signature Move: The Steiner Recliner
Favourite Quote: "Holla If Ya Hear Me!"
Pro Debut: 1986
Career Highlights: WWA Heavyweight Champion; WWA Tag Team Champion; Memphis: CWA Tag Team Champion (3);
NWA World Tag Team Champion; NWA United States Tag Team Champion; PWA Tag Team Champion; WCW World Tag Team Champion (5);
New Japan IWGP Tag Team Champion (2); WCW World Television Champion (2); WWE World Tag Team Champion (2); WCW United States Champion (2); WCW World Heavyweight Champion; WWAS Heavyweight Champion; SSCW Heavyweight Champion

The Steiner Brothers were perhaps one of the most dominant Tag Teams in recent memory, show casing some amazing technical skills along with incredible brute strength to boot. Holding a total of fifth-teen Tag Team Championships. Scott Steiner soon broke away from his brother, Rick Steiner, after so many years of standing in his shadow.

Scott Steiner then took WCW by storm, showing that he had what it takes to be a singles wrestler, even laying claim to the WCW Heavyweight title. A couple of years after WCW closed down, the WWE called Scott Steiner up and signed him to a contract and made his precence felt at Survivor Series 2002.

Every inch of his frame is so chiseled that he has often referred to himself as a Genetic Freak because of a physique that includes two of the largest arms in the world. Scott Steiner proves to be one of the most dominanat forces on the RAW roster and a worthy contender for the World Heavyweight Title.