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Wut up y'all ? Welcome to the Murda Muzik homepage. Enjoy pictures, bio's etc.... Peace..

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Murda Muzik: 9 Milli and Infamy are currently workin on finishing up there debut album " Not 4 Tha Innocent"

< How Murda Muzik Became.....
9 Milli and Infamy have been best friends ever since kids. The both of them first started off in the R.T Boyz wich is there related crew. The 10 man clan were doing very well, but 9 Milli and Infamy wanted to do there own thing. Milli and Infamy have been writing rhymes together for a very long time. There chemisty together is indeed sometin else. Both born and raised in Toronto Canada, the too guys are workin hard on releasing there debut album " Not 4 Tha Innocent"

< Murda Muzik Slang
P.L.O Style : Project's,Liberate,Ossosiation P.L.O means that the clan is killer's, from the projects of T.Dot and they are an ossosiation. From Monkey Man's song " P.L.O Style"
Bisquits: Guns
Tical & Buddha : Marijuana
5.O: Police
G.O.D: God
O.P.P: Osler Park Possie
66 Sherdon: McKormic's Rec Center
Da Hot Spot: Laneway's and alleys that the boyz chill at and mark thier territory. They go thier chill, smoke and drink.

For all the ppl that beleive in us like: stacy,nicole,ashley,felicia, amanda, Heather and Jessica etc.... the list to long to list. To all y'all brothers and sister's who supportin our dream, we thank you very much. And we will promise truimph. R.T will put T.Dot on the map. All u guyz rock. And 2 every1 who doesnt like us, doesnt like our music, who only wish failure upon us, to you ppl i say F*UCK YOU ! cause y'all dick blowers ! Well thanks everyone peace....

< R.T Boyz
Joe Fresh, Sherlock Homez, Silva Dolla, Exta-C, The Lethal Doze, LiL Mann, Natural Born Killah, Blade

Murda Muzik's favourites
Mobb Deep, Wu-tang clan (method man), Nas, Tony Yayo, House of pain, Public Enemy, KRS 1 , Naughty by nature,Big daddy kane,Del tha funky homosapien,Run DMC, DMX, 2pac, Ludicris,Redman, Xecutioners, Eminem,Snoop Dog,XZIBIT, Dr.Dre, Notorius B.I.G, 50 Cent,Eric Sermon,StreetLife, Beatnuts font color="blue">

R.T Boyz, Osler Park, Stacy, Nicole,Mike S,Gary A,Scott Moniz,Amanda Pereria, Scott (from Un-resolved),Derek (Mellow Yellow),Sara, Mellisa, Heather, jessica, brittany, felicia, roxxanne, ashley, millisa, johhny B, mike D, Pedro, Filipe, Skinny Dave, Fat Dave, Jordan, Mike L, Matthew P, Luis, C.J, Joe P, Yosef, Johhny T, Steve (Frogger), Jeffery, Michelle, Jenny D.F, Jenny N, Adrianna, Shyne Star (Corey M), Blinker (Brandon), Robby, Andrew, Ritchy, Gerbal 2(Dennis), Andy Fibb's, Gerbal, Brain, Nigger Dave, Paul (Pierre), Andy C, Chester, Dave Patches, Arlendo, Randy, Bernie, Bruno, Elio,Andrew T, Kevin F, Kevin Lemonhead, Chris Big Ears, O.D.B (Russel), Diogo, Chantelle C, Brian (B.J),Brittany and all our other friends. Of course, one big shout to all the R.T Killah Beez, one love to our boy Point Blank. (Keep spittin them (sic) rhymes nigga) If i missed anyone, when u see me, kick my ass lol !

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