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I'd like to shout-out to.....

•Someone: *shrugs* i like ya.

•Alyssa-You're so innocent. may i steal ur halo?

*Stephanie L.: no matter what anybody says Leander band kicks ARS!!!!! lol thanks for being there for me and listening to me ramble on and on...and on...and on....*whispers* i wanna LiCK your teeth

*Emily B.: its been a while since we've talked. hope you haven't forgotten me, cuz im not gonna forget you. lylas

*Bwethie: you sexy cat, you. I love my Quesadilla. in the closet. NERcK! *licks*

*Stephanie M.: you will always be my canadian girl. We are two gemini against the world, and it seems we are winning...1 to 0. thanks for not judging me (^_^) i love ya

*Morgan S.: You are such an awesome person, have faith in yourself.

*Dot: I hate you more!!!! j/k. i *hearts* you

*Andy O.: bananas, stoplights and crowbars! enuff of the crowbars!!! ur just jealous that matt got me first (^_^) hee hee

*Brain W.: You Rock. (^_^)

*Ryan J.: I miss you..........always, and always. thnx for forgiving me, i love you.

*Bri: you're such a sweet person...even with those devil horns of jk jk. love ya

*Julie H.: i love you to pieces! thanks for being there for me! hee hee. we will have a movie night bringing the tissues!!!

*Kassey M.: my fellow shorty *giggles* do u wanna straighten my DVD collection with me? it'll be fun!!!! hee hee

*Cecily F.: you've got rhythm! lol thank-you so much for taking me to the 'movies' the other day. i had great fun at the 'mall' hee hee hee hee hee

*Sabrina A.: MY LOVE! MY LIFE! OH how i ADORE THEE! im so sorry for not putting u in here earlier, just goes to show that i AM in fact extremely wee-todd-did. *winks* i *heart* you! you are my favorite COOKIE! *giggles* bed.

•Melissa W.- I LoVE you. I miss you lots!!!

•Sean Cash- yo yo. whuz up, homE?

•Sean Lando-........i KNOW i'm short. Loser. :-P *think you deserve to be in my shoutouts? feel free to e-mail me with concerns!