Yeah, things we hate

1. Fat people (i.e. paul, bobby)

2. Repititon

3. Repititon

4. Repititon

5. Repititon

6. Carnies

7. Little kids

8. Simple Plan (mainly to spite stacie and cause of their music)

9. NFG (same reason as 8)

10. People who use the acronym "lol"

11. McDonalds

12. Starbucks (for supporting war and many other reasons)

13. War

14. George W. Bush

15. People who belong to politcal parties

16. People who have a "proud to be an American" bumper sticker and American Flags hanging on their house

17. Windows xp

18. Civics, Focus, SUV's

I'm sure we have missed a few things but thats good enough for now.