People trying to make a stand.

"Auto response from _________: Wow has everyone seen Joel and Andrews new site?...doesn't it suck real bad? i mean come on...they are trying waaaaaay to hard to be Maddox. Its really sad. Also Joel tried to go up my shirt and im still on the list of people who should not be naked. Does that make sense to anyone? I think they are just bitter young kids who cant get any pussy and what not. On their advice page they wrote that we should get a life, now does that make any sense to you? Seriously they are the ones wasting their time making a website that isnt even funny at all. I think those two need to get a life.


Dear Joel and two will NEVER be like maddox so stop trying.

Love ______"

We didn't put the name cause we are nice guys.

So, those of you that know satan have seen this away message before. The question still stands. What is she trying to prove? According to her, we are trying waaaaaaaaaaay too hard to be like Maddox. Like she hasn't ever tried to be like anybody. Also the part that says "Also Joel tried to go up my shirt and im still on the list of people who should not be naked." When you translate that from her language, Bitch, to English, it says "I'm a slut that lets people touch my boobs, and I'm complaining because I got offended by Joel and Andrew's website." And also she states that we are just "bitter young kids who can't get any pussy and what not." Even though I went down her shirt, and I'm sure I could have got some, but I wouldn't dare touch that rotten poon from hell.

Today, that foolish demon from the depths of eternal pain and suffering decided to talk to me online, in an attempt to get 7 dollars or a skate video from me. I don't have either so I said no, but thats besides the point. We somehow got onto the topic of this webite. She told me that everyone knows that Andrew and I "cream our pants" over Maddox. I would like to let you all know that she sent Maddox a picture of her dressed up as a pirate and said "lets make Pirate love." (Which by the way I wouldn't want to be like Maddox if I got e-mails like that) Hmmmm, sounds like somebody is pretending to be someone they aren't(which is hypocritical), and she wants to have sex with him(also hypocritical). There is one more wrong part of that away message. The part that says we have "no lives", even though I have 2 jobs, and both Andrew and I participate in bands. I don't know what her idea of having a life is. I wonder what she does all day, and I'm guessing nothing. Which would explain why she got offended by the page.

When you send us mail, or you make fun of us or the website in any way at all, you are accepting the following:

1) you agree having your name, email address, AIM screen name, and/or pictures put up ON THE WEB SITE.

2) you agree that any type of harrassment you recieve is only in response to YOUR ACTIONS.

3) you agree to recieving email from people other than Andrew and I in response to your action.