We hate little kids...

I was in hell for 2 hours today, looking after all of satans love childeren. And they were annoying me so bad.

It was a rock climbing party for the little children at my church, and it was quite possibly the worst 2 hours of my life.

What I had to do was belay the little bastards so they could climb a wall. The wall wasn't even hard, but they still couldnt make it. And when they did they bragged. "I made it up the wall, I'm the best." "yes little girl, you are also very conceited, no sit down and shut the fuck up!" At this point I had kicked the little girl in the face to shut her up. It seemed like it worked. At this point I was pissed, the next person to make a noise was going to recieve a beating. Then it happened. An old hag let out a chuckle. Bad idea. I started punching her in the face. After about 4 punches I realized that it was my own mother. I started to punch harder and harder. there was blood everywhere. Now I was beyond pissed. I started going all out on everyone. I grabbed the first kid I saw and hung him with a rope, the the kid that I happened to be belaying, I dropped. 25 feet later he was dead. I smiled the I looked at my dad and he said "i love you son!" And with a smirk on my face I said "I dont think so old man..." 2 seconds later my foot was so far up his ass that my toes were showing out of his mouth. He died instantly. So with everybody dead, I stacked them all up on the middle of the gym, and turned the lights off, and left. While I was driving home, I didn't feel remorseful at all. Not one glimpse of guilt. In fact, I was happy.

Fuck 'em. What good are little kids anyways? When did they take time out of their day to let my ass climb up thier wall? Never, I think it should be a law that all kids should;

1) work

2) stop bitching about being so bored

3) stop whining, and when they do they will be punished with a direct blow to the forehead from a pvc pipe.

4)stop bitching about having dents in their heads from the pvc pipe beatings.