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Anarchy Cookbook

Chapters 1-100 1.Counterfeiting Money 2.Credit Card Fraud 3.Making Plastic Explosives 4.Picking Master Locks 5.The Arts of Lockpicking I 6.The Arts of Lockpicking II 7.Solidox Bombs 8.High Tech Revenge: The Beigebox 9.COř Bombs 10.Thermite II Bombs 11.Touch Explosives 12.Letter Bombs 13.Paint Bombs 14.Ways to send a car to HELL 15.Do you hate school? 16.Phone related vandalism 17.Highway police radar jamming 18.Smoke Bombs 19.Mail Box Bombs 20.Hot-wiring cars 21.Napalm 22.Fertilizer Bomb 23.Tennis Ball Bomb 24.Diskette Bombs 25.Unlisted Phone Numbers 26.Fuses 27.How to make Potassium Nitrate 28.Exploding Lightbulbs 29.Under water igniters 30.Home-brew blast cannon 31.Chemical Equivalency List 32.Phone Taps 33.Landmines 34.A different Molitov Cocktail 35.Phone Systems Tutorial I 36.Phone Systems Tutorial II 37.Basic Alliance Teleconferencing 38.Aqua Box Plans 39.Hindenberg Bomb 40.How to Kill Someone 41.Phone Systems Tutorial III 42.Black Box Plans 43.The Blotto Box 44.Blowgun 45.Brown Box Plans 46.Calcium Carbide Bomb 47.More Ways to Send a Car to Hell 48.Ripping off Change Machines 49.Clear Box Plans 50.CNA Number Listing 51.Electronic Terrorism 52.Start a Conf. w/o 2600hz or MF 53.Dynamite 54.Auto Exhaust Flame Thrower 55.How to Break into BBs Express 56.Firebomb 57.Fuse Bomb 58.Generic Bomb 59.Green Box Plans 60.Portable Grenade Launcher 61.Basic Hacking Tutorial I 62.Basic Hacking Tutorial II 63.Hacking DEC's 64.Harmless Bombs 65.Breaking into Houses 66.Hypnotism 67.Remote Informer Issue #1 68.Jackpotting ATM Machines 69.Jug Bomb 70.Fun at K-Mart 71.Mace Substitute 72.How to Grow Marijuana 73.Match Head Bomb 74.Terrorizing McDonalds 75."Mentor's" Last Words 76.The Myth of the 2600hz Detector 77.Blue Box Plans 78.Napalm II 79.Nitroglycerin Recipe 80.Operation: Fuckup 81.Stealing Calls from Payphones 82.Pool Fun 83.Free Postage 84.Unstable Explosives 85.Weird Drugs 86.The Art of Carding 87.Recognizing Credit Cards 88.How to Get a New Identity 89.Remote Informer Issue #2 90.Remote Informer Issue #3 91.Remote Informer Issue #4 92.Remote Informer Issue #5 93.Phreaker's Guide to Loop Lines 94.Ma-Bell Tutorial 95.Getting Money out of Pay Phones 96.Computer-based PBX 97.PC-Pursuit Port Statistics 98.Pearl Box Plans 99.The Phreak File 100.Red Box Plans 101.RemObS 102.Scarlet Box Plans 103.Silver Box Plans 104.Bell Trashing 105.Canadian WATS Phonebook 106.Hacking TRW 107.Hacking VAX & UNIX 108.Verification Circuits 109.White Box Plans 110.The BLAST Box 111.Dealing with the R&R Operator 112.Cellular Phone Phreaking 113.Cheesebox Plans 114.Start Your Own Conferences 115.Gold Box Plans 116.The History of ESS 117.The Lunch Box 118.Olive Box Plans 119.The Tron Box 120.More TRW Info 121."Phreaker's Phunhouse" 122.Phrack Magazine-Vol. 3, Issue 27 123.Phrack Magazine-Vol. 3, Issue 27 124.Phrack Magazine-Vol. 3, Issue 28 125.Phrack Magazine-Vol. 3, Issue 28 126.Phrack Magazine-Vol. 3, Issue 28 127.Phrack Magazine-Vol. 3, Issue 30 128.Phrack Magazine-Vol. 3, Issue 30 129.Phrack Magazine-Vol. 3, Issue 30 130.Sodium Chlorate 131.Mercury Fulminate 132.Improvised Black Powder 133.Nitric Acid 134.Dust Bomb Instructions 135.Carbon-Tet Explosive 136.Making Picric Acid from Aspirin 137.Reclamation of RDX from C-4 138.Egg-based Gelled Flame Fuels 139.Clothespin Switch 140.Flexible Plate Switch 141.Low Signature System [Silencers] 142.Delay Igniter From Cigarette 143.Nicotine 144.Dried Seed Timer 145.Nail Grenade 146.Bell Glossary 147.Phone Dial Locks -- Beat'em 148.Exchange Scanning 149.A Short History of Phreaking 150."Secrets of the Little Blue Box" 151.The History of British Phreaking 152."Bad as Shit" 153.Telenet 154.Fucking with the Operator 155.Phrack Magazine-Vol. 1, Issue 1 156.International Country Codes List 157.Infinity Transmitter Plans 158.LSD 159.Bananas 160.Yummy Marihuana Recipes 161.Peanuts 162.Chemical Fire Bottle 163.Igniter from Book Matches 164."Red or White Powder" Propellant 165.Pipe Hand Grenade 166.European Credit Card Fraud 167.Potassium Bomb 168.Your Legal Rights 169.Juvenile Offenders' Rights 170.Down The Road Missle 171.Fun With Shotgun Shells 172.Surveillance Equipment 173.Drip Timer 174.Stealing 175.Miscellaneous 176.Shaving cream bomb 177.Ripping off change machines II 178.Lockpicking the EASY way 179.Anarchy 'N' Explosives Prelude 180.Anarchy 'N' Explosives Vol. 1 181.Anarchy 'N' Explosives Vol. 2 182.Anarchy 'N' Explosives Vol. 3 183.Anarchy 'N' Explosives Vol. 4 184.Anarchy 'N' Explosives Vol. 5 185.Explosives and Propellants 186.Lockpicking III 187.Chemical Equivalent List II 188.Nitroglycerin II 189.Cellulose Nitrate 190.Starter Explosives 191.Flash Powder 192.Exploding Pens 193.Revised Pipe Bombs 194.* SAFETY * A MUST READ! 195.Ammonium TriIodide 196.Sulfuric Acid & Amm. Nitrate III 197.Black Powder III 198.Nitrocellulose 199.RDX 200.The Black Gate BBS 201.ANFOS 202.Picric Acid II 203.Bottled Explosives 204.Dry Ice 205.Fuses / Ignitors / Delays 206.Film Canister Bombs 207.Book Bombs 208.Phone Bombs 209.Special Ammunition 210.Rocketry 211.Pipe Cannon II 212.Smoke Bombs 213.Firecrackers 214.Suppliers II 215.Lab-Raid Checklist 216.Misc Anarchy 217.Combo Locks II 218.Misc Anarchy II 219.Thermite IV

Chapters 1-50
Chapters 51-100
Chapters 101-150
Chapters 151-219

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