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Shinya      Shinya is Dir en grey's drummer.  His full name is Terachi Shinya.  Shinya was born in Osaka on Feb. 24, 1978.  His blood type is B and he stands at 5'7".  He has big eyes and full lips for an Asian man, and he could not look like a man if he tried to.  Shinya's hair has been both curly and straight, and varying shades of brown and red.  Currently it is blonde.  He is the youngest member of the band, loves his chichuahua more than anyone else, and hardly ever talks (he is very very very very shy).  It is very wrong how good he looks in a miniskirt.  He is the only one that does not smoke and he tries to eat healthy, though he has a soft spot for ice cream.  He gets teased the most, by his bandmates and interviewers alike.

Shinya Facts