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Kyo         Kyo is the singer for Dir en grey.  His real name is Nimura Tooru, he was born in Kyoto on Feb. 16, 1976, his blood type is B, and he stands at 5'3".  His  unique voice is clearly the most valuable asset to the band.  He does singing, falsettos, screaming, moaning, roaring, crying, dying, choking, rapping, you name it, he can do it.  Kyo makes short people everywhere proud with his powerful presence.  Indeed, one has not lived until he has been glared at by Kyo.  His hair has been pink, red, black, and blonde, the latter of which it currently is right now.  Kyo enjoys being the "scary one," and though he may be likened to an evil china doll, he has a very kind face without the makeup.

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