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Ron Carter

Age: 23
Birthday: September 4th, 1980
Place of Birth: Provo Ut
Equipment: Ibenez Soundgrear 4 String Bass, Digitech BP 200
Peavey Scorpion 15 inch Amp
Quote: "If everyone has Sweet Dreams, Why are mine always Nighmare Remixes?"
History: I am the only one of the origional people left that started this band, without Cervantes(our old guitarist) and Phil (our old drummer) it leaves just me and a better band! I have been playing as Deaconess Fatality for about 4 years now and we are sounding better then i ever even imagined we could. We have the tallent and the drive to tear this town apart, and then the world. Big props to Josh for comming up with the coolest lyrics i have ever heard and being able to pull a scream out that blows my mind. Keven has steped up and taken the lead guitar spot, and has not let up for a second. I have seen so much growth in him its unbelievable. Now that DF is complete with the addition of rich (tripple picking GOD!!!) and a drummer who is finally better then yours truely (way better)... i can't wait to see where this goes...