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Rocket Team Vapor Trails

Rocket Team Vapor Trails is a model rocket team based in Toledo Ohio. We are a two person team that consest of my nephew Christian and me Paul. We also have a 1/10 scale (ready to run) R/C nitro sport stadium truck made by TRAXXAS top speed 40mph. Here are some of the features. It has oil filled adjustable shocks pro.15 nitro motor with easy start system and tuned pipe for more mid-high end power. You will find a short movie at the bottom of this page. Our rocket arsonel consest of five skill level 2 kit rockets.

#1 Estes Mean Machine is a 6 1/2' D motor driven rocket that will cimb to over 600'on a D12-5 motor it's weight is around 5.8oz and has one 24" parachute.

#2 Quist Icarus is a 30.75" B&C motor driven rocket that will climb over 700' and can carry a payload it also has duel 14" parachutes.

#3 Estes Sabre is a 14" B&C motor driven rocket with parachute our ribbon recovery system. This rocket will climb to 1000' I have launched this rocket eight times with only one problem somehow it burnt the ribbon. One launch with a B6-6 motor this was a very good flight. At the time the rocket lost speed the nose tiped the six secound delay charge went off and rocket was recovered unharmed.

#4 Estes E2X Alpha III stater kit. This rocket will climb to 1000'on a C6-5 motor. This rocket has a 12" parachute and it's weight is around 2oz.

#5 Estes Guardian is a 19.13" A-B&C motor driven rocket it also has a 12" parachute it's weight is around 2.4oz. This rocket should hit 700' on a C6-5.


Rock Team Vapor Trails Movies

#1 6' Mean Machine rocket

#2 Christian Launching The BIG DADDY Rocket


The length is 19" and diameter is 3" it's weight is around 5.8oz and should hit 350ft on a D12-5. Below are some Pics of the building steps of the Estes BIG DADDY

An other arival to the R.T.V.T arsonal as of 11-23-04

BLU-97B Cluster Bomb

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When the weather is to bad to fly we packup the R/C nitro stadium truck and head for the hills.CLICK HERE For Movie