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Tyler Labine FanSite

Tyler Labine FanSite
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From Breaker High To AntiTrust, A True Movie Star

Tyler Labine

Tyler Labine, born on April 29th, 1978 in Brampton, Ontario, Canada has always been a favorite star of mine. Recently at my sisters wedding in Vancouver, BC, where Tyler moved in his early chilhood, I met him. A very good friend of my new brother-in-law, Tyler was just as funny in person as on the show I first saw him in, Breaker High.

Breaker High, however, was just the beginning of Tylers acting career. He has done an amazing job in films all over Canada and the United States, as well as hit TV shows.

Many people havent heard of Tyler Labine (although you probably have if your on this Fansite) so I decided to try and educate the world on how great Tyler Labine really is.

SO go ahead. Choose an item from the Menu on the left and try to see, like I have seen, just how much Tyler has already accomplished.