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Zoophoto: U2's Photo Album

Possibly some of the weirdest, most eclectic U2 photos you'll ever see.

All of these pictures are most likely copyrighted to some person or another, and not me. How sad. I culled them off of various sites, most of which can be found on the At U2 website. Enjoy! {Page Two coming, hopefully, soon.}

Bono & Edge

Taken from the Elevation Tour, probably first U.S. leg.

Bono...with arms wide open.

Group shot, promo for the Elevation tour.

The Irish flag, proud banner of the boys' homeland.

Another group shot.

Edge. And yes, he is wearing shorts...very, very tiny shorts.

From the "Sweetest Thing" music video. (Thank you, Dennis!)

Isn't that cute? That was from February 15th, the Love Rocks LA award/concert show, in honour of Bono. He was honoured for his humanitarian efforts and support of charities. And yes, that *is* Tom Cruise, but don't get carried away.

This picture is interesting. Some have suggested it looks like Larry giving a lap dance. Er, of course not.

This picture could start many a fanfic. Thanks are in order to Caz. Love ya!

Some people say Bono looks like a pimp in this picture. It just makes me laugh.

Well, they were young, it can be forgiven.

Could I possibly love this picture any more than I already DO? **grins like a madman**




Very spiffy

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