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A Wedge Of Lemon: U2

As you can probably tell, this page is under construction...check back later for more updates!

New Updates:

~Happy birthday, Larry!

~Finally, after nearly three months without a substantial update, we have a WHOLE FREAKIN NEW PAGE. It is called Potentially Snarky, it's a by-no-means comprehensive list of my favorite U2 quotes, and it can be found here or at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

~I invite all U2 slashers displaced by to come to Izzy's archive, love is blindness. In other news, I must commend angelfire: In the two or so years I've had this webpage, no matter how much I neglect it, they've messed something up a grand total of once, which is simply excellent. Yay.

~Many, many, many thanks to LJ Friend. You'd think I would be able to keep a date straight in my head.. lol.

~Happy anniversary to Bono and Ali on the 21st!

~No real updates, but I went to San Francisco yesterday, and was able to worship original Rodin sculptures. Because I'm strange like that. I saw quite a few Ireland-themed signs in windows, and such, as well. Mainly things like "Get the British out of Ireland". What do you think about the British occupation of Northern Ireland? Email me.

U2 have been my favorite band for years. Their music is inspiring, they're wonderful people, and they're cute, besides. Hopefully you'll come here for U2 news, pics, and articles. I love the band, and I'm sure you will too. Until I get things started here, listen to Zooropa! It's completely underrated. Email me any good pics you have, or a site of yours you'd like me to link to, as well. Seeing as the later it is at night, the less coherent I get, I'll stop now...Love to Adam, Larry, Bono and Edge.


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