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Holy Cow

I am now a distributor of the famous Holy Cow Polish. I use it here at the shop and it does work wonders. Well worth it. It costs 10.00 per ounce and there is no added shipping if it is included with your auction payment. Let Holy Cow work for you too !

1 ounce Holy Cow Polish. Let it speak for itself: "I just tried your Holy Cow polish on an opal I cut for my wife. It worked great! I normally would have spent a lot more time to achieve the polish Holy Cow performed. I did most of the polish by hand, opals scare me when I polish them, and the results were fantastic! I will be buying more when my supply runs out! That will be awhile, I did not have to use much!"...Mix a few tablespoons of Holy Cow polish with a small amount of water to make a thin pancake like paste, keep this mixture in an airtight container that has NO metal parts or metal lid (metal will oxidize and cause contaminates) I use a spray bottle for my shop. This mixture is then applied to a dampened leather pad, cotton buff, tin-lead, lead, tin or zinc lap, polypads, plastic lap, resin pad, old ultra lap. Use a small brush that has no metal parts and then rub it in with your clean fingers. You can replace different grit laps depending on the type stone you're working. The more you polish the better the shine gets and when the shine doesn't get any better you've finished. I've found Holy Cow to polish everything I've tried boulder & Honduras opal, glass, silver and gold in cabbing, faceting, inlay, intarsia, glass fusing and other applications. Try it and you will shout Holy Cow too. It may seem the price is high but I estimate one oz. will replace $200.00 in diamond grit. I've sold this polish all over the USA and even in Australia to the opal field cutters. Get yours today and start getting that professional polish that you will be proud of and others will envy. If you want some it will be $10.00 per ounce with any purchase with no extra shipping.

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