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The Top Ten Christian Albums I Heard In 2002!
by That None Perish guitarist Matt

I would like to begin this year’s countdown with some “honorable mentions.” I was exposed to a great deal of excellent Christian music this year, and sadly, some very good albums did not break the top 10 once all was said and done. These albums are so wonderful that I cannot leave them unmentioned, so...

15. Falling Cycle “The Conflict”---An amazing album blending technical guitar riffs with straight hardcore music. You go right from powerful double bass and harmonizing guitar parts into breakdown after breakdown after breakdown. Also, this album is about as “hxc” as I get. Thank you, Falling Cycle, for making hardcore technical.

14. Underoath “Act of Depression”---2002 brought Underoath to Solid State records, and consequently brought me to Underoath. Expect more of this band as the countdown progresses. This album, their first and my last of theirs, is a spectacle of chaotic hardcore blended with death metal. Blast beats, Dallas Taylor’s vocals, an amazing outreach and praise song at the end...what more could one ask for in an album?

13. Training For Utopia “Plastic Soul Impalement”---So I finally bought it. My friends and I always joked about buying it, just because it was so insane and chaotic. Well, I began to thoroughly enjoy insane and chaotic music, and hey, it was five bucks. This album contains some of the coolest chaotic noise and insane music ever. I actually considered using “Black Forest” as Halloween music, to play while trick-or-treaters came by. It works surprisingly well.

12. Demon Hunter “Demon Hunter”---Finally, Christian mallcore! The most anticipated album of the year (for me as well as others) finally came along in October. After the small taste of DH given to the masses via This is Solid State volume 3, I was hooked and instantly became a major fan. The album did not disappoint, having a huge variety of guitar parts and musical segments, effectively blending traits of KoRn, Disturbed, Hatebreed, and other popular metal bands into a great big excellent Christian conglomeration. I find it humorous that Christian bookstores block out the cover.

11. FewLeftStanding “Wormwood”---I purchased this album on impulse at a bookstore in Tennessee, listened to it once, and fell completely in love. Spirit-filled hardcore in one of its finest moments. The lyrics on this album are simply beautiful and amazing. The guitar and bass parts perfect the music, with hints of chaos here and there (like “10,000 Angry Hardcore Kids” maybe?) and songs like “Give Credit Where Credit Is Due” and “Wormwood” prove that these guys are all about the Lord.

That said, let's get into the REALLY good stuff, shall we? Join me and my opinions...
Number 10!