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Other local bands

A Delaware punk legacy

One of the area's greatest

Truly amazing and original Massachusetts metalcore

Our up and coming mall-rock friends (formerly Ridikule)

Johny Law
One of the best punk bands on the east coast

Non-local bands

A giant of progressive death metal

One of the best emotional bands in existence

Filling the void left by Chuck Schuldiner

Norma Jean
Quite possibly the best metalcore band ever

Anah Aevia
One of the few outstanding metalcore bands today

Falling Cycle
Technical metal blended wonderfully with hardcore

Demon Hunter
If you like KoRn, Slipknot, Mudvayne, Hatebreed...

Extremely talented and difficult-to-define Swedish hard rock

Further Seems Forever
If you like emotional melodic rock, your search ends here

Marshmallow Forestfire
Killafornia hardcore, great for dancing

Good Record Labels

Solid State
By far the largest Christian metal label, subsidiary of...
Tooth and Nail
Probably the largest Christian punk/emo/rock label

Great label for lesser-known hardcore bands

Home of great bands such as Anah Aevia

They have Crutch, what more do they need?

If you like your metal extreme...

Other cool stuff
One of the best sites on the web for Christian hard music lovers

Hardcore Christian
Another good site for Christian music of all sorts

The HxC Boards
A community of hardcore lovers of all shapes and sizes
(and a favorite internet hangout of Jason and Matt)

Rock For Life
(Delaware Chapter)
Great Christian pro-life organization

Jason and Matt's old band's website

Jason and Matt's station
A collection of great Christian songs on

Some old poetry by Matt
If you want to read old, unused song lyrics, go for it