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This is a test.
A test of your code-cracking skills.

Ever worked a cryptogram? Was it hard? Then don't try cracking this baby. This is far worse than your normal everyday lett-substitution cryptogram. But go for it if you want to, there's a prize for the first winner. If you crack the code, email something...anything...written in the code to and if it checks out and you win the prize. Yay. Get cracking!

5.5x13.x1 x24. 0.x35.5x20.4
0.x35.5x20.4 3.x2455.
x1903.x01x20.4 2x1x05.5 7.x25.5 x16.x13.x5 03.x1x05.5
x2 3x1x18 5.5x1 2x19x30.4., 5.5x1 x16.x28 x20.4.x22x1
5.x3x415 9x1 0.x35. x3 3x088x10. x30.x14.
8x1x06.x1 9x5 4.x3x48, 9x5 5.x191.8x1
27.x188 0.x35. 7.5x13.x1 9x5 8x33.2 3.x14.x22x14.
0.x3 1.8x01x1 7.x25.5x20. 9x1 x24. x5x3x43.4.
7.x288 5.5x1 x30.4.8x0x4455. 0.x16.x13. x10.2?
x05. x16.x13.x5 1x33.0.x13. x00.x35.5x13. x190x32x29x10.5.
x33 x088 5.5x1 5.5x20.44. x04x0x20.4.5. 9x1
x2 1x00.0.x35. x14.1x01.x1 x25. 0x45.
x2 7.x288 0.x35. x011x11.5. x25.
x2 7.x288 0.x35. x088x37. x25.
5.x3 0x11x39x1 9x1
7.x25.5 x16.x13.x5 23.x31. x33 9x5 08x3x32
x2 7.x288 x31.1.x34.x1 x25.
7.x25.5 5.5x1 5x181. x33 4x32
x2 7.x288 2x14.5.3.x3x5 x25.

"x30.4.8x0x4455." 0x5 9.x14.x34.x50.5.5x15.x21

0x1 5.5x1 3x23.4.5. 5.x3 2x11x21.5x13. 5.5x1 1x32x1 x00.2 x0 33.x1x1 5.x01.x1 (x33. 1.x34.4.x208x5 12) x33 5.5x05. 0.x30.x1 1.x13.x24.5 x24. x5x3x43.4.!