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Jason P. full bio
Instruments: Throat, Guitar
Age: 19
Gender: Now, or how I was born?
Favorite bands: Anah Aevia, Underoath, Falling Cycle, xDisciplex A.D., Poison The Well

Matt M. full bio
Instruments: Guitar, Vocals
Age: 16
Gender: Hmm...I've never bothered to check
Favorite bands: Extol, Underoath, Crutch, Norma Jean, Dark Tranquillity

Brett W. full bio
Instruments: Guitar
Age: 15
Gender: Huh?
Favorite bands: Underoath, Hopesfall, Project 86, Zao, Thursday

Justin W. full bio
Instruments: Bass
Age: 16
Gender: 3.1415926535...
Favorite bands: Dead Poetic, Norma Jean, Like David, Demon Hunter, Kutless

Andrew T. full bio
Instruments: Drums, Vocals
Age: 16
Gender:, man...*sigh* i give up, what?
Favorite bands: Zao, Stratia, Norma Jean, Living Sacrifice, Thursday