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Anah Aevia
Realize You're Dead

Wow. This would be the second really good album I donít own, and that will definitely soon be changed. I remember listening to Anah Aevia in my early days of Christian metal and not being very impressed. Was I stupid? Was I braindead? Did my musical taste suck? I donít know, but after Jason bought this CD and played it for me, I was hastily converted to an AA fan. This album seriously displays one of the best vocal deliveries Iíve ever heard. These screams are almost totally inhuman! Neither I nor anyone I know can imitate them inhaling (how theyíre actually done) or exhaling! And then thereís the rare but incredible low growls that honestly rival Vomitorial Corpulence in pitch, and you all know how much I love Vomitorial Corpulence. The guitars are also a breath of fresh air injected into metalcore. The drums are a brilliant complement to the music, and if Iím not mistaken, their drummer is entirely too young as well. This band is going to be a very major force in metalcore in the years to come, and this is one of the most exceptional metalcore records ever (if you must ask, fifth actually).

Number 7!