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The Changing Of Times

Well friends, we have arrived at the cream of the Christian crop. The top four albums I heard this year are also the top four albums I’ve heard EVER. Anyone who remembers the old Zerosynthetic website knows that this album is the only album to receive an 11 out of 10 score on the album review area. This unbelievable, unique blend of metal and emo, of Zao and Further Seems Forever, of Cradle of Filth and Jimmy Eat World (which I don’t actually agree with), is definitely one of the best things to ever happen to me. Underoath is one of the very few metal bands with keyboard, and they implement it well beside precise and powerful drumming, beautifully melodic riffing, and of course, Dallas. The lyrics...O, the lyrics! What beautiful pieces of verbal craftsmanship! Every word perfectly placed with so much meaning! We could say some nice things about some of the songs, like the timeless poppy classic “When The Sun Sleeps,” the powerful and meaningful tune “Never Meant To Break Your Heart,” the satan-bashing anthem “Angel Below,” or the emotion-injected “Alone In December.” If you like to cry about your ex-girlfriend while getting your metal fix, this is the album for you.

Number 3!