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Tasty Lixx - DFW rock band extroidinaire

Tasty Lixx

Find Billy Blaze at or at The rest of the band got SuckerPunched (they have no websites).

The History of Tasty Lixx

Once upon a time, 2001 to be a little more precise, Billy Blaze had a thought (yeah, it does happen once in a while)... he thought, "It would be cool to have a band that plays well, and has lots of fun doing it." Pretty simple thought actually, even for Billy Blaze, but not so simple to make a reality. He had the lead vocals, plus Katt on keyboard, but he needed at least 3 other musicians to complete the picture. The auditions began, and Booger (bass guitar) and Cliff (lead guitar) were quickly found and welcomed into the band. Very soon, they stumbled upon Dan (aka "Stixx" - drums, or is it bagpipes?... nah, it's drums), or he stumbled upon them, and he was met by all thumbs up from the band. (Just thumbs, no fingers.)

The five piece band now started putting their song lists together and practicing. Then, after only a few gigs, Cliff left the band, and a sad chapter in the story begins...

The band went through a long process of auditioning guitarists, hiring one, playing a few gigs, then losing the guitarist. Billy Blaze, Katt, Booger, and Dan remained close friends throughout though, and the Lickers were awesome, supportive through thick and thin.

Dan then got the itch to play in an original band, and was given teary-eyed best wishes by the remaining band members. They even went to see him play and support his new project, and he continued to attend Tasty Lixx shows.

Greg was hired to replace Dan, then Joe was found. Finally, the guitarist they had looked high and low for. (Maybe they should have looked a little lower a little sooner? :) Some even referred to Joe as "Neo" ("The One"). All was looking well.

Tasty Lixx was soon playing all over the Dallas Fort Worth area, and having more fun than ever, and the Lickers were licking it up!

Ah, but then (yes, get ready, more sad news coming...) the band completely split up. Some time passed, then Billy Blaze and Dan were talking one day, and one of the two had an idea (let's say it was Dan, since Billy Blaze got credit for the first one) : "Let's get Tasty Lixx back together again!"

So now you have, in the order that they fit into the puzzle that they were never able to completely extricate themselves from, Billy Blaze, Katt, Booger (you might know him as Dalen), Dan (aka Stixx), and Joe (aka Frisco Joe, among others).