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Dan's Website for Kristin!

This is a site devoted to my lovely girlfriend Kristin, and whatever kinda stuff I can come up with to entertain her. Enjoy, Bum!

Here is a link to the teaser trailer to "Kristin's Crazy Gang!" *Discontinued, short-lived cartoon*

"Kristin's Crazy Gang!" Teaser

A special page for the sexiest rabbit of them all, CUJO!!!

Brace yourselves, intense sexiness ahead!

A page for Meska, the cat Kristin doesn't know all that well yet!!!

Oh yes, and she's pretty too!

ALL NEW!!! I'm on a MAJOR roll!! A very special page for K's favorite guy, Zorro!!!

The one and only!

A photo album from my awesome first trip to Texas to visit K!!!

First trip to Texas album