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Some of these items might have sold. The best way to find that out, is to check the list I have on the forum classified section. It is very easy for me to delete sold items on the forum message, but not so easy to delete them on this page. Of course, I will tell you if an item has been sold , if you contact me about buying the item.

-Rivarossi FMC-Liner,C&O, Dark blue, with some yellow and white, pretty heavy airbrush weathering,but nice-not     sure age of this,GC, Seems some plastic is missing on back bottom, and a small crack-$10.00

4-AHM ARMY engine,green,runs,GC,lousy airbrush weathering on bottom--$ 3.00

12- 'Railrunner' (Athearn) custom painted MO-PAC, sliding doors. Screened logo (not decals) VGC $5.00

34-Bachman flatcar w/missle,small crack on missle,GC-$1.50

35-Roundhouse 'MO-PAC'  Some airbrush weathering, GC $2.50

47-Tyco flatcar,airbrushed,flat-red/rust,GC-$1.00

55-RO-CO Gondola,silver-gray with red writing (Southern)GC-$2.50

64-Small buildings/sheds,FC-$.25
73-Small white house w/slanted roof,1 door,2 windows-$.15

79-AHM HO bag of army men,GC-$.25

83-RO-CO Caboose bottom w/wheels, top-$.10

84-metal weight for boxcar,long-$free with purchase of other items

85-same as above but short-$free with purchase of other items

86-Red crane cab,nothing to it,-$free with purchase of other items

89-AHM freight carrier w/2 crates,army green airbrush paint-good, but missing springs-$.75

108-Umex Road grader,yellow but could use another coat,missing middle plow ,plastic with high detail,GC-$1.50

116- double decker airplane,primer paint, maybe a few parts missing ?. Might be 'S' scale, but figures    
       look about HO scale to me, and seem a bit too small to be 'S' scale.$.25

142-Rolling stock parts,wheels,etc,fair-$.15

160-scratch built wood house on stilts,Fair-nice metal roof,missing one side wall-$.50

166-matchbox "O scale" ?  metal bulldozer,faded,missing treads,scoop front-$.25

167-real-rusty railroad spike,normal size-$.15

168-real-rusty railroad spike,smaller than normal click #167 pic to see --$.15

169-Missouri pacific logo with Texas pacific lines logo on a 1-1/2" round button with pin on back-$.75

170- ROCO M88 Army Tank, maybe some kind of Army tank tow-truck ? A search says it a " tank recovery vehicle". It's in fair/good shape. I think it's missing some small details, such as a small gun on top, and whatever other delicate loose details it might have had. A few messy dabs of cement glue here and there. Would look great Painted. It's the original green plastic. $0.25

171- HO scale green truck. Says " made in hong kong" on the bottom. Original green plastic. I found this in Germany. $0.25

172- Marklin plastic bag. I got this in 2004 in Germany when I bought a game at a hobby shop there. It's in good shape. I don't think there are any holes. Just the lines from being folded up, because I kept it folded up since the day I got it. German writing on it, as you can see in the picture. $.75

173- Cog railway stamp. This is from 1995. It has "postmark" lines through it, but it's a very neat drawing of one of the most interesting locomotives I've ever seen. $0.25

220-Partial bag of paper mache-$free with purchase of other items

221-Small AHM power transformer,GC,works fine,hardly used-$1.50

223-MOPAC decals-piggy back and eagle-.10

224-bag of lichen-$.50

Model Railroader magazines-- (pic also shows 'Model railroad Craftsman' mags, which are now gone)

July 1981--poor $free with purchase of other items
December 1981--poor $free with purchase of other items
March 1982-- Fair  $free with purchase of other items
March 1983--Fair  $free with purchase of other items
May 1983-- fair  $free with purchase of other items
July 1983 --good  $.10
August 1983-- fair  $free with purchase of other items
May 1984 -fair  $free with purchase of other items
June 1984--fair $free with purchase of other iitems
August 1984 --good $.10
October 1984 --good $.10
November 1984-- fair $free with purchase of other items
January 1985 --fair $free with purchase of other items
February 1985 --good $.10
June 1985--good $.10

242-Small bag of flat plaster "stones" made from making molds in clay,average size 1/4"x3/16"x1/16"-Small bag of dark grey gravel,each piece about size of HO man's hand-Same,but brick red color-White gravel,each piece a little smaller than HO man's hand, little bit of black gravel mixed in-Small bag of very fine,light tan rock,almost powder,maybe it's good for HO sand-Small bag of very rusty metal pieces, average size 1/4" square-Small bag of coal,-Small bag of HO "compost" dark brown,fine texture-$.25

243-a few plastic "wood" things that elevate the tracks-$free with purchase of other items

244-small square motor-same kind used in slot-cars-$.10

*** Most of the following items are in poor condition;Broken and missing pieces,etc.None are complete buildings.They are only good for adding to other building parts to make complete buildings or some parts can be used to make complete,very small buildings or for making flat buildings at the back-drop of your layout :

250-What's left of a pink motel building.1 long wall with several doors and windows.4 small walls. of 4 removable doors and 4 removable windows.-$free with purchase of other items

251-What's left of 'Speedy Andrews Garage'.Nice plastic wood shingle roof.4 walls in bad shape/missing some corners,etc.Nice porch roof and posts, NO GARAGE-$free with purchase of other items

253-What's left of 'Loew's theatre'.Just a flat roof with large skylight and some "decor" from front of theatre(Large "arrow" shaped sign and 2 signs for displaying movie titles.Couple brackets for holding the arrow sign up.Also a fancy decorative piece that goes at the top front of the building-$free with purchase of other items

254-What's left of an old popular train station kit.2 big plastic wood shingle roof pieces that "curl up" at the bottoms,plus a small tower that goes on the top of roof.Missing one of the large " dormers" that go on the one roof side.Plus 2 smaller roof pieces of the same pattern-$free with purchase of other items

257-Square slanted roof,31/8"x31/8".4 triangle sides that create a "pointed" roof.crack on one side(easy fix).Plus 2 other flat pieces of plastic shingle roof.-$free with purchase of other items

259-What's left of  "coal mine" . Just,one brown plastic wall with old looking wood and window,3 small roof pieces,couple of plastic old looking wood stair railings,Part of plastic wood structure that held the "coal chute"-I guess.-$free with purchase of other items

Army-1 ----1:35 scale tank. 80's TESTOR kit. Was fully built, then much of it came apart, and some parts are missing, I know for sure one of the wheel "treads" is gone.---$0.10

Army-2 -----1:35 scale group of 8 soldiers, with many small details (guns, grenades, knives, etc) Only 2 figures have had some parts glued together. Only one has been painted. ***3 arms and 2 boots are missing***---$.25

Buyer pays exact shipping ( I use a scale and the postal service website to figure shipping costs)
I prefer US Postal money-order (that way I can cash the m.o. when I ship the items)

Please try to buy at least $8.00 worth of items

I *might* trade for guitar parts or machinist tools, but please don't get mad if I'm not interested in what you want to trade.


Rob May