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Smokin' Fish

Smokin fish are: Joe Hawkes:Guitar Ben Daughtry:Drums Joe Baglow:Bass Chopstix And Eyebrowz: Smokin Fish's first album has been abandon due to nearly every song being a cover and we didnt record much at all over the summer, instead smokin fish are 2 work on an e.p. called chopstix and eyebrowz. Smokin Fish News: 5/9/02 Things are not goin 2 well for Smokin Fish, we split up for a whole four weeks!! because ben not bein able 2 find time 2 practice in between daily wire world binges, but with the new school year started the three are back together! 14/11/02 Smokin Fish haven't practiced in AGES (thanx ben!!:)) but we are going to after christmas coz were gonna suk even more if we dont, We've got a lot more songs now (thanx me) and loadsa tunes (donate lyrics to Bye for now! 26/11/02 I've been neglecting this site a bit so im gonna start updating it more. Christmas is less than a month away which means Smokin Fish have been around for almost 2 years!!...and we still havn't recorded anything good or had any Gigs, nevermind 9/12/02 Smokin fish dont really exist anymore, it was fun while it lasted but we never have time to practise and we dont even see each other much anymore Maybe sometime in the future when we have time we'll do something but i doubt it. 27/12/02 SMOKIN FISH RINGTONES NOW your mobile number number to to recieve them for FREE 20/1/03 A new year and a new smokin fish, our latest practice went quite well, we recorded some stuff but joe got ill so he wasnt there long 26/1/03 Smokin Fish were going to practice today but bens mum said we we didnt, so we all stayed at home bored:( nevermind You smell like a Czechoslovakian OK, i dont think Joe B thought this through, we didnt get much good footage but we're sending what we have got 2 Matt, (a close chum of the band who is increasing the lengh of "Moldy Poo" (which was way kool)

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