Site hosted by Build your free website today! McKenzie College McKenzie College has two campuses: one in Moncton, New Brunswick and the other in Sydney, Cape Breton. They offer three major directions in digital communication digital media design, animation and graphic design. Digital media design , creating your own professional portfolio.Animation , CD/DVD Roms and vedio productions. The coarses involves the perfecting of the essentials of the design, producing and finishing process. Graphic Design brings the student up to any professional level for the design. Nova Scotia Community College-School of Applied Arts & New Media offers many and varied coarses in the comminication techonlogy spectrum. The College gives students a varried taste of different and challanging technology courses from programming to graphic and web design.

/ Nova Scotia Community College- Radio & Television ArtsThe program offered in the Radio & Arts College is a two year program which gives the graduating student a full diploma in the choosen area of study. After graudation, the student will be able to excel at directing, producing, acting and writing for television and radio productions. The College is a sub-division of the NSCC. The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design is located in Halifax and has a strong reputation for the quality of students it releases. NSCAD offers bachelors in art, design, fine arts, major in graphic design and much more. Being of a independant institution, NSCAD is able to rise high in performance and teaching quality. The daVinci Institute Recently founded in Halifax, the daVinici Institute has gained a quick reputation in the computer animation world. Suppling students with the choice of following the path of 3D and/or 2D animation and production animation. As well, daVinici has a large collection of design coarses from digital media arts to multimedia graphic design. Holland College is known high and wide for their high selection and high calibour provided for students, in the beautiful setting of Prince Edward Island. In relation to computer related studies, Holland College provides sheet covering coarses which give a large range of experiance for those interested in computing. Sheridan College has two campuses in Ontario: Brampton and Oakville. With over 24 highly varied coarses Sheridac has something for anyone. From theater technical production, journalism media and print to advanced illistration, computer animation, crafts and design. Acadia University is situated in Wolfville Nova Scotia, and holds a bachelor and certificate in computer sciences.