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“We piss anywhere, man!”  *

Mr. Brian Jones has had quite a few books written about him, most of them lousy and some of them pure fantasy. But if you are a Brian Jones fan, you will probably want to read them all. We know that.  We only suggest, dear reader, that before you go out and spend your hard earned money on one of these, and before you write that thesis about Brian, and before you spend sleepless nights weeping for the Golden Stone’s cruel “murder”, take a look at the reviews.


Our personal reviews of books

on Brian Jones

brought to you by

Diane Hall and Helen Hall


listed by Author


Nicholas Fitzgerald


Jeremy Reed


Christine Lindsjoo and Anna Wohlin

Mini Review

WPAM RATING: Sod Off! Author nuttier than squirrel poop!
Don't waste your money. Somewhere there must be a factory that cranks out these books. People who hate Pat Andrews will get a kick out of a few parts (you reap what you sow, Pat!), but we shouldn't encourage this kind of rip off.




* Please note WPAM Reviews come with the following warning labels

     to better assist you in making selections for your personal murder mystery library.


Golden Brahim

Uneeda Mandie

Sod off !


Yellow  Humphrey


Golden Brahim                      Buy this Book! (very rare)
Uneeda Mandie                    Contains Paranoid Conspiracy Theories
Sod Off !                                Author Nuttier than Squirrel Poop
Nanker                                   Contains Tabloid
Yellow Humphrey                May Induce Nausea





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And we are sure you’ll enjoy


Anna’s Crotchford


a new interpretation of the Wohlin book

sent in by Lovely Leena, a true Brian fan

with a unique ability to “read between the lines”

and ferret out the true untold story

behind Anna’s untold story!


NEW BOOK! INSIDE COTCHFORD Stella David Meredith Interviews Brian Jones's Son Lars





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